Could Germany become a SUPER POWER? – Could the Boers become a mini-super power?


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[This is something I wrote in a discussion with one of my supporters. Jan]

I wrote:
I have thought many times that despite its small physical size, if the Germans can just hold themselves together, they could find that they become a SUPERPOWER. If the Germans believed in themselves, and stuck to NS values, Germany could become the leader of the West. Germany could have such support one day from ACROSS the 600 million Whites on this planet (we pack a huge punch) – that I think Germany could, one day find millions of White men fighting on their side IF THEY ALONE STOOD TRUE TO THE VALUES OF THE WEST/WHITE RACE. I think Germany could find itself to be a SUPER POWER if it just stuck to its guns as the best and BRAVEST of the Whites. You’ll see less and less Whites want to fight for the USA and even in the UK it is a problem.

The Boers could also be a mini-super power, if we focused our energy on our race. I’m playing the long game. I don’t see how the Jews and Blacks can win in the long run. I’m ever more convinced of that now when I think back to how invincible the USSR seemed in the 1970s and 1980s. We *NEVER* expected the USSR to fall. NEVER. Yet it collapsed in a heap. And if you speak to most people who were ruled by them (e.g. Bulgarians who were among the cleverest of the communists), you’ll see that the Russians are viewed with CONTEMPT because they engaged in all kinds of nefarious activity.


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