Rhodesian Racist Humour you won’t read about in Books

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2005: Black Failure: S.Africa: Half of SA pupils do not reach matric
Under Black rule: About half of all South African children drop out of school before they reach Grade 12. The vast majority of these are Black kids.

Here’s a little bit of Rhodesian humour. You won’t read this in any of the books written by Rhodesians or about Rhodesians. In Rhodesia and South Africa we Whites often had derogatory terms for Blacks. The Rhodesians however had a sharp sense of humour. In Africa, our derogatory term for Blacks is K*FFIR. These days, they will put Whites in jail for using the term. In Rhodesia the Whites used to refer to flies as "K… Budgies".

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2005: S.Africa: Coffin industry booming due to AIDS
AIDS was killing Blacks a lot 20+ years ago. Coffin and related industries were booming across Africa, especially north of South Africa.

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