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Gerald Potash,

Hello again,

Jacob Zuma is a Russian agent.

A compelling and detailed article from Adv Andre Pienaar of C5 Capital (a venture capital firm focused on Cyber security ) lifts the lid on the nefarious dealings of Zuma with Putin and so much more. His research goes back for years and the relationship between Putin and Zuma is well described. It rather surprises me that the press haven’t made more of this expose (yet?). On Monday John  Maytham, the afternoon host on talk radio (Cape Talk) had a chat with Pienaar in the US and whereas he pointed out that the chain may now be broken there was a very direct link between Zuma and Putin. Even the name ‘MK’ , the name  Zuma uses for his new political party, unKonto weSizwe now goes by the nomenclature of MK which has a direct connection to Russian politics. Then, asks Pienaar  who ever goes to Russia for medical treatment,….the Russian big-shots leave Russia for medical treatment. It is only the likes of Zuma and the former Deputy President of SA David Mabuza , who stayed there for 6 months without disclosing what illness needed treatment . You  can probably guess what they were there for.

Pienaar was instrumental in setting up the Scorpions, the independent investigative body that Zuma torpedoed as soon as he became President. The Scorpions had plenty on Zuma and he was about to be arrested……. but then he became the most important person in this country.

For those who would like to read Pienaar’s article click on the link: -the-kremlins-gru/

 Pienaar does an equally revealing interview with Linda van Tilburg on Alec Hogg’s BizNews Insider. 

Why, I wonder is Zuma still walking around like a free man with a jail sentence not completed for the contempt of court finding  still hanging over his head?

The front page of the Afrikaans Rapport newspaper this Sunday was all about Ian Cameron, the outspoken anti-crime activist joining the DA. Cameron is well known here for his attacks on Bheki Cele, the Minister of Police. The Burger newspaper on Monday reckons Cele will have many sleepless nights if/when Cameron makes it into Parliament. Cameron is 33 years old and has been the mouthpiece of Action Society, a society standing up for justice. What is quite clear is that he is not afraid to speak his mind. He is nicely high up on the DA list so it is likely that he will be an elected MP after the elections.

This week the Citizen had a leading article accusing many of the small parties of having big egos and very little else. They believe that the small parties will fall by the wayside and the battle will be between the established political parties on election day. Whereas the established parties have arranged manifesto gatherings and more, the little guys have done almost nothing. Many of them can’t even get the 1,000 signatures of support needed to get them accepted to compete in the general election. Roger Jardine, one of the political newcomers has pulled out of the election notwithstanding the substantial financial support from big business for his ‘Change Starts Now’ party because he says he started too late and there just isn’t time enough to campaign comprehensively. 

Our Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwa has, at last, taken the André de Ruyter view and told the press that it is not just money that is needed to fix Eskom. Corruption still runs deep in the organisation and that must be addressed. Wakey, wakey! 

The Speaker of Parliament is under pressure to resign after (again) being accused of bribery when she held the Defence portfolio. Cyril is simply too weak and too spineless to get rid of her despite the mounting evidence that she accepted gifts of over R2.3 million from a named lady delivering her the money 10 times in bags. The money came from contractors supplying the Defence Force. 

Oh, she strongly denies getting the money but I wonder if her children are equally strong denialists.                             And…..What about the other ANC Ministers? 

The double standards of the ANC are transparent. Naledi Pandor our anti-Semitic Minister of Foreign Affairs runs to the International Court in Amsterdam to get it to censure Israel for war crimes.  But did she listen to that Court when it ordered SA to arrest Shepherd Bushiri? Then she was the first to tell all that the Court cannot tell us what to do.     

Unusually I have had not one (usual) but three exceptional coffee catch-ups this week.

My coffee first catch-up this week was somewhat different from the usual ones. I had never met Robert (Bob) before and we met at my favourite stop on that side of the world, Newport Deli. Bob is from London, oh and from Sea Point; he comes for 90 days every year. Chatting away I discovered that we had quite a lot in common and it was a lovely hour that took not one but two coffees.

Another coffee catch-up this week was with our one-time next-door Somerset West neighbours, Avron & Jean. They emigrated more than 40 years ago to Sydney and now we see each other briefly when we are in Oz or they come here. At the catch-up were the Millers, Ceddy & Michelle, and the coach and we all have children in Sydney. Oh, Claudette was also with us.

While we were friendly with Jean & Avron all those years ago now some of our grandchildren in Sydney are very friendly.

Then yesterday I caught up with Mark from Ballito. We go back a long way to our business days and our catch-up was stimulating, to say the least. Again it was a multi-coffee meeting where we exchanged personal history and Mark in his “retirement” has created a wonderful business mostly with government for overseas appliance firms. This is a field he knows so very well and it was interesting to get to know a little about a business I was indirectly connected with all those years ago. In the old days we often attended trade shows in Germany together.

The CT Press Club invited a most interesting fellow to address them on Monday. Dennis, that character of note got the usual suspects together (sans Robin) for the lunch and the talk by Peter Attard Montalto. He is a well-known economics analyst and forecaster. He had some very interesting observations, these are some I recall. 

1) The ANC has no succession plan.

2) The ANC and the EFF will not join in a coalition (You could hear us all relaxing.)  

3) Whoever “wins” in the election, MK will not be asked to join the coalition —another sigh of relief.

4) There is a great deal of uncertainty as to the value of the Rand.

5) He is moderately optimistic about our future 

6) We, SA, have a lack of options seeing the path (Russia, China) we have chosen. 

Dennis and I both found his speaking style very fast and at times difficult to follow.…..but he is an exceptional analyst and very, very bright and it was well worth trying hard to listen to his every word.

The shrinking Rand has lifted the petrol price to very close to its all-time high. Ouch!

I haven’t told you about the chronic water situation in so many towns in this country. Nothing that the ANC manages works properly.  

Oom Dawie was with us to watch the rugby on Saturday. The coach, of course, was with me on the couch and it was almost a whole day affair. There were only two matches, The Lions (Transvaal) vs the Sharks (Natal) and the Bulls (N.Tvl) vs the Stormers(WP). The weather, you see, up North turned our rugby-watching into a 5½ hour marathon that interfered with the Spurs game in London. The first game was good rugby and good refereeing by a young female ref. By contrast, our game was poor where the Stormers made far too many unnecessary mistakes allowing the Bulls, in front of a full-house at Loftus Versveld (the ANC haven’t changed that name yet) to beat us for the first time in the past 8 encounters. 

The thunderstorm delay meant that the coach and I could only watch snatches of the English football encounter with Spurs playing Crystal Palace, but we had recorded it so we watched it after the rugby. Spurs after being 0-1 behind eventually pulled out the stops and the final result of 3-1 was the highlight in an otherwise quite dark afternoon.

As always,



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