Photo: S.Africa: WitchDoctor’s Predictions for the local elections: Sangomas say spirits predict bad day at polls for ANC, success for DA, IFP


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[A Sangoma is said to be a Traditional Healer … by Liberal and Communist measurements, but in reality these Blacks are actually what we used to call: WitchDoctors. So here's a news article where the WitchDoctors are consulted on the outcome of the local elections tomorrow (I never bother to vote and I just don't care). According to the WitchDoctors, the ruling ANC Black Communists have angered the spirits and so they are predicting some kind of victory for the Liberal DA (read: Jewish owned Liberal party) in the Johannesburg region. What's of more interest is this photo of what modern WitchDoctors look like. I won't bore you with the rest. My point is simply that this is what these people believe. AND THEY PAY MONEY for the services of WitchDoctors – sometimes big money … and things like human body parts and "spells" are all part of the deal. This is what Whites used to refer to as Witchcraft and Witchdoctors. Notice too that the WitchDoctors use things like candles, etc – things which never existed in Africa before the Whites came. So clearly Western Technology has facilitated the "technical advancement of Witchcraft!" Hehehehe. Jan]


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