Jan is back: My Trip to the USA, my private lectures – South Africa & USA – The Fash Bash

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I’m back. Its been a hectic time since January, when someone came up with the idea that I do some lectures. It was a completely different line of thinking for me and I welcomed it and like the idea.

What I’ve not announced is that in about February, some kind people in the USA, the Goyz in the Hood and a really loyal supporter of mine, came up with the idea of THE FASH BASH. They invited me and paid my tickets to the USA for The Fash Bash. Details will still be announced shortly. If you want to meet me, and some other people in our movement, whose names you’ve heard, but you’ve never seen them in person, then you can meet us at The Fash Bash.

I had been thinking of going to the USA in 2019, and gathering my monies to go there, because I DESPERATELY need to solve some problems I am having in the USA since my bannings by Paypal. However, thanks to the generosity of some folks, I will now be there a year before I had intended to go and I’m delighted to be given a chance to speak at The Fash Bash. I will be doing a talk about “The History they did not Teach you”. Let’s leave it at that…

So I’ll be in the USA, on the East Coast for about a month. I’ll be at The Fash Bash from 19-21 April. Thereafter, I have another appointment on the East Coast – some people I need to see. Thereafter, I have something of an open agenda. If people want me to talk, or meet with people, we can make some arrangements. I will leave the USA on 14th May, to return to South Africa.

So once my main things are done, I’m open to meeting or talking, if the opportunities arise and if people can help make the necessary arrangements.

I will publish a link where people can begin registering if they are interested in my lecture. I assure you, there is going to be a lot of things people have never heard and seen.

So watch this space. In the next few days I’ll begin putting up info about events in South Africa, and I’ll give contact details for the USA.

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