ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA: The Blacks can’t pass the exams so the Govt dropped the pass rate to 30%


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[Here is yet another example of mass Black failure and how the Whites were right all along. We said the Blacks couldn't handle the standards of running a civilized country. Well, when the Blacks took over, despite all the things they tried in the schools, the Blacks were failing. So the Government then dropped the requirement of passing exams, from 50% down to 30%. I think this system is still in place. If Blacks can get say, 30% or 31% on their exam results then they have "passed". This is in place right up to Matric, whereupon they can then go to university. But this means that many Blacks get access to university even though previously, under White rule this would have been denied because they could not meet the standards. But the scamming to save the Blacks does not stop there. Even at university I think they have changed the courses and done other things in order to enable the Blacks there to pass as well. When I worked in the corporate world, I worked with Blacks who had insane levels of university degrees, but in terms of knowledge and competence they did not impress me at all. So what you have are schools churning out tens of thousands of Blacks who "passed" high school, and universities who churn out thousands with university degrees … but their levels of competence are highly questionable. Since I only think in terms of the world of REALITY, I just laugh at this because I know that Whites have all that they need … and it's sitting in their DNA!! The point of this is that there is rampant BLACK FAILURE EN MASSE WHICH PROVES WHITES RIGHT … but it's hidden with all this fiddling of numbers … ditto for crime, and all other statistics. Then Jews and Liberals run around and say that South Africa is a success and Whites were wrong. No. South Africa is NOT a success. And yes the Whites WERE AND ARE RIGHT … it's just that you are cooking the numbers! In the article below, the head of the South African Communist Party Blade Nzimande is defending the 30% pass rate issue. The article below is from 2014. I'm not sure if they've increased it since then. But from what I can see, the courses themselves are also being changed to make it easier. So I wouldn't trust any of this. Jan]

Nzimande defends 30% matric pass requirement

Minister of Higher Education and Training Blade Nzimande on Thursday defended the 30% pass requirement for three out of six subjects needed to pass matric, saying young people would miss out on post-school education opportunities if it was raised.

"What do we do with those who don’t get 50%?" he told a press briefing on post-school opportunities for learning in Pretoria.

"There is no dustbin where a human being goes."

He said South Africa was becoming a "dangerously elitist" country if it was considering "throwing away half of our young people" who did not achieve a 50% matric pass.

Nzimande said the higher education system would take a matriculant who had passed matric but did not achieve a university entrance pass "to our further education and training colleges not because you are dom [dumb] but because that might be your inclination".

Education experts, teacher unions and business leaders strongly criticised the quality of the matric certificate before and after Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced the 78.2% matric pass rate on Monday evening. They said it did not equip matriculants with skills to successfully enter the job market and universities.

DA ‘offensive’

DA leader Helen Zille’s even questioned the credibility of the results and called for an independent audit of the matric results. Nzimande said this was "offensive".

" … not because it’s the DA … [but] I find it insensitive and an insult to the effort made by the class of 2013 … "

The pass rate equates to 439 779 full-time pupils who passed matric, Nzimande said. Of these 171 755 are eligible to apply to study a bachelors degree and 173 292 are eligible to apply to study a diploma – an increase of 20 411 compared to 2012.

There were 92 611 part-time pupils who wrote the exam. So far incomplete data the basic education department has released on their results suggest only 40% passed.

"This significant increase in successful candidates with predominantly bachelor and diploma entrance National Senior Certificates will have implications for the department in relation to enrolments within higher education institutions," Nzimande said.


He announced that there are 396 449 "opportunities available to them within post-school education and training system" at 25 universities, 50 further education and training (FET) colleges.

This includes:

197 946 new entrant opportunities at universities

93 000 apprenticeship or learnership opportunities in collaboration with FET colleges, SETAs and employers 23 000 engineering and business opportunities at FET colleges

44 000 National Certificate Vocational programme opportunities at FET colleges 10 000 artisanal opportunities at FET colleges

What happens to the approximately 70 000 pupils who might find they cannot enter the post-school education system because there are not enough places for everyone?

"It is true … that is why we are driving so hard to expand and diversify the post-school system," Nzimande told the Mail & Guardian.

"But we are pushing to change this idea that you must go to university. Learners must know they can go to FET colleges."


After a woman died in a stampede by walk-in applicants at the university of Johannesburg in 2012 Nzimande announced that a Central Application Clearing House (CACH) went live on Tuesday.

The CACH service is for pupils who "qualify for higher education studies but have not been accepted at an institution of their choice at the time the matric results were released".

Pupils looking for spaces at universities can contact CACH which will "verify the learners’ information and forward it to institutions that still have unfilled places".


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