Jani Allan was the most famous journalist in South Africa during the time of Apartheid. She was Liberal.

What follows below is what I wrote on my website many years ago:
She moved to Cape Town where she became the host of her own Radio Talk show called Jani’s World. For American Readers, her show was something along the lines of the Jeff Rense and Artbell shows. It ran for three hours every friday night on Cape Talk radio. Jani interviewed me one friday and we became friends.

Then the first Zimbabwe crisis broke out early in 2000. Someone suggested to Jani that she do a radio show about Zimbabwe. She asked me what I thought. I told her I thought it was a great idea. I was invited as a guest on to the show. The show was a roaring success, the best she had ever had.

Altogether we did three “Zimbabwe Crisis” shows, and we of course spoke about what this means for whites in South Africa. The Cape province is the only region in South Africa where the ANC does not have a majority. Her listeners were whites, coloureds and Indians. Christians and Muslims were among those who phoned in. This multicultural mix made for great radio, and probably, the most wonderful thing of all, was that there was no dissension among the people. In three shows of three hours each, we only once, had an ANC person call in with a prepared statement to attack us. Otherwise, all people, of all races, bemoaned the situation in the country and the way the ANC was ruining the country. Some amazing stories were told by people who had been in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

All the callers, especially the White people, kept saying that they could not believe we could have such frank discussions on the air. Well, they did sense correctly that there is no place in the South Africa of today for a white person to honestly speak his/her mind.

Even though Jani’s show was the highest-rated on Cape Talk, and even though these political shows were drawing even bigger crowds, the financially strapped management insisted on Political Correctness. One day Jani was fired unceremoniously. The newspaper headlines were screaming it before she knew herself. Among the reasons given for firing her was that her show had become “too right wing.”

I still have some of the audio tapes we made at the time and have put them here on Internet for people in South Africa, and more importantly, people outside South Africa to hear. Here are frank and honest discussions among white South Africans speaking their minds and their hearts and their worries about how these land invasions affect us and may threaten our existence. It was on everyone’s minds then, and I’m sure it is now, except people are keeping quiet and not rocking the boat.

The first program here is from 14th April 2000. It is broken into segments.

This last recording is part of a show done on 5th May, 2000. This piece opens with Jani being very embarrassed because Robert, her producer is actually sabotaging the show. After our first successful shows, Robert, a young producer who helped arrange and prepare her shows, did some unbelievably strange things. Maybe he was on drugs? Or drunk? Jani and others thought it was deliberate. She once tried to get sponsorship for her show from a cosmetics company and one of its senior executives was present in the studio. He watched as Robert suddenly began swearing at callers, cutting off guests and so on. I was cut off several times.

We once had Jeff Nyquist from the USA talking about communism and the Chinese threat. Jeff was cut off many times. Jani believed her show was being sabotaged by communists who held positions in the radio station. In the end, she was fired and kicked out, because of her shows on Zimbabwe.

She was not alone. A very popular coloured radio announced was also fired from Cape Talk for making some honest remarks about the government. As popular as he was, they kicked him out forthwith.

I lost contact with Jani afterwards.

Jani Allan then fled to the USA where she lives to this day. She later wrote her memoirs. There were definite attempts to sabotage and destroy our free speech then despite the public loving the show. Jani said that her show became the No 1 show on the station, but the management was NOT happy with that, because clearly the tone was wrong. We were not supposed to be against Mugabe’s actions.

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