All Financial People I know are taking tremendous strain… I think we’re all heading into deep shit…

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This year I’ve seen a few weird things I’ve never before seen in my life. I’ve always taken a great interest in stock markets and economics. But I must tell you, this year I saw a few things that creeped me out.

Here in SA I was dealing with 2 people who are investment people and I had quite a shocking set of experiences with them which caused me to seriously begin worrying about my own situation.

I’m getting the feeling that Financial/Investment people are taking serious strain. I think the markets are very wild, and it appears as if things are not improving.

I was looking at a video of Daniele Cambone whose interviews I have enjoyed and watched from time to time. In the latest show she’s doing she’s gained a serious amount of weight and I was watching the show she was doing with someone and I then stopped watching.

Something weird is going on. And Cambone must be taking a lot of personal strain.

The 2 people I dealt with here in SA … I’ve known them for quite a few years and their behaviour this year was very bizarre and quite freaky. I’d never seen anything like it.

I think the investment people are seeing things they’ve never seen before.

I’m actually worried as to whether markets will be sinking deeper in 2023.

I’m not liking what I’m seeing. It’s very creepy. I’ve never seen this type of behaviour before.

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