The White Race’s Morality and why we lose racial wars

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[This is from a debate I was having with people. Jan]

I see the debate and reasons given by people. But there are higher things that are more critical. In a nutshell, it boils down to the question of: Why were Whites ever successful? And can we be successful again? Trump himself said recently that nobody talks about America’s Greatness and they should. And he is right. But even he is too weak. There is a case I can make, from here in Africa, about our morality, and how the Blacks with the guidance of Russians, Jews, Liberals, were able to skirt around our morals so that although we Whites had the power to outrightly slaughter the Blacks, we never did, except in on exceptional case in Angola in 1961 when the Portuguese went crazy and gave the Blacks the best beating that Whites, anywhere, ever gave them. I’ve done 2 videos about that. I’m busy with a Rhodesian what-if survival video about exactly this same topic. Could we have survived, and if so how? I also want to do a video about why White men have been losing wars since WW2. There is a long losing streak, which includes America as well. And it boils down, not to whether we can or can’t … we DEFINITELY CAN WIN… but in order to win, we need to be more aggressive, and much more RUTHLESS. This ruthlessness, which we used to have in the past, and we even used it on each other, we no longer have. But the BLACKS have it… the Jews have had it (e.g. communism). So I’m doing a whole video on this topic, because even in Rhodesia and South Africa, we stated we "couldn’t win". In both Rhodesia and South Africa many top White military officers, even in their memoirs wrote that the war was "unwinnable" and that it had "no military solution" and that the only solution was "political". This is actually bunk. And it can be easily disproved. You Americans ran into many of the same issues especially in Vietnam. 50,000 of your best died for almost nothing, in a war that could be won – if you were brutal enough. Our MORALITY is being EXPLOITED BY THE JEWS AND THEIR ALLIES IN ORDER FOR US TO LOSE. But our morality, and belief in Christianity and in being "good" prevented us from meeting our enemies on the battlefield and dishing out to them, the same as they dished out to us, and a whole bunch more. The Romans, for example, would NEVER have put up with the silly weaknesses that we have. They would have fought to win. Now Hitler fought to win too – but he’s accused of brutality his soldiers never committed. This brings me back to Nietzsche and Spengler. Both of them, in their quest for answers, realise the need for a return to the warrior values of earlier times. For Spengler it is the Prussians. For Nietzsche, it is the Pagans. I want to make it very clear, that in my studies of military history, that the problem for the European race, is NOT about "can we win?" – We can and have won many, many race wars on many continents. From the Mongols and the Muslims in Europe, to the Indians in North America to the Blacks in Africa. It is not that we can’t win. It is that we don’t have the determination and raw brutality, to face an enemy that is willing to do anything – including the endless killing and even torture of our civilians. We use the Queensburry rules of boxing when we fight, but our enemies play dirty all the time. And interestingly, watching US Politics, I must tell you they’re doing it openly even in your elections now. Your elections seem to me, as if they will resemble wars more and more. Biden just lied about the 2022 election being fraudulent! What Chutzpah!!! The chief liar of all claiming others are cheating!!! When you understand the dynamics of war; and as things are progressing, it looks as if politics and elections are becoming WARS… and the splitting in the USA will just keep getting worse. When you look at the closer detail of why we lost, then you see clearly, the very simple things we Whites could have done that would have caused us to win. Like I say, the Portuguese did it once, and it was insanely successful. But South Africans and Rhodesians never had the raw fury to walk down that path. I am utterly convinced that Whites can win everywhere, with ease, and I even dream of Whites conquering new territory. And it is very doable. HOWEVER, the Christians will run around screeching like chickens with their heads chopped off, when they see what we have to do. Christian morality, is causing us to lose wars and lose contests, including even politics when we should not. We have to be harder. Nietzsche’s message was exactly that. So was Spengler’s. Hitler himself said this in many ways. He said a German boy must be as fast as a rabbit and as HARD AS KRUPP STEEL. Hitler knew. As Alex Linder says, the low man determines the fight. Jews and Blacks are willing to descend to any depth, and they do so EVEN MORE WILLINGLY, BECAUSE THEY KNOW WE WON’T. The Jews in fact, know us so well, that they know how far to push us and to then just stop short of the point where we would explode and burn them. They play with us. They toy with us, knowing full well, our simplistic and easily-predicted Christian responses. They’re playing us. If we acted more irrationally, and more brutally, and more unpredictably, it would work for us like you can’t believe. But Christians, are totally predictable. Whereas the Romans, for example, if they determined people were messing with them, they would smack them. War and life is motion and our enemies change their angles of attack. We are 100% predictable, and they beat us BECAUSE OUR OWN MORALITY HOLDS US BACK. WE HOLD OURSELVES BACK. I’ve looked at this matter so closely, especially in all our race wars in Africa. On the rare occasions that we gave the Blacks a good beating … it freaked them out and they nearly gave up. And another thing about Christianity, is this nonsense about eternal peace. That is just crap. You can’t have that. That’s just rubbish. Dr Pierce even said that eternal peace would result in total weakness. War is competition, and the Pagan Whites understood this. Look at how, despite your peace in America, your Jews and Blacks (BLM) are waging war on you. They’re waging war on you in the elections, stealing and lying and cheating. The Blacks are willing to burn your stuff down. You are reacting EXACTLY in the same weak, loser way that we did. They hit you. You don’t hit back. That is war. That is life. Life is brutal. NATURE ITSELF IS BRUTAL AND RUTHLESS AND CRUEL. Just go and watch some videos about animal behaviour. The notion of peace forever is junk. Others will always seek to move in on your territory and your stuff. And you need to meet them firmly and kick them into place. If you don’t do this, they will wear you down. Jews are constantly looking at us and our methods and developing new tactics. Why? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT FEAR US. If they FEARED US, they would not give us 1% of the shit they do. The Blacks are the same. We must meet our enemies on the same level … descend to their level and you will see how EASILY the White man will dominate again. But everyone will be shrieking and screaming and crying about how cruel we are. BUT WE WILL BE WINNERS. Of course they will MASSIVELY OVERSTATE things, as they did with Hitler. Christianity worships WEAKNESS. It even GLORIFIES WEAKNESS. And who is the criminal always? The White man. Jews and Blacks hide the crimes of the Jews and Blacks and their brutality. This debate about morality is something Neitzsche went into deeply. And he’s right. It’s the only way to be a winner. WE ARE LOSING WARS AND OUR PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED WHEN THEY SHOULD NOT BE. When with some firmness, we could smash them, quickly too, with little effort actually. The Blacks would soon lose their appetite for violence. The Jews exploit our kindness. They ABUSE OUT KINDNESS. And we must stop this nonsense. We must be like the Whites of ancient times … not afraid to make firm rules, be dominant, and crush whomever is giving us trouble. ALL OUR PROBLEMS COME FROM A LOVE OF WEAKNESS A WORSHIP OF WEAKNESS, etc. And also treating Jews and non-Whites with the same morality that was originally meant for us. We can win. Easily.

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