JEWISH HATE HATE & HATE: Another White man the Jews secretly hate: British Explorer Richard Burton…

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I have been doing some research, and stumbled on something interesting, as I was looking into African related matters. The British soldier, turned, explorer, Richard Burton did some strange things in his time. Interestingly, he had an interest in sex and sexual practises and some of his conclusions are quite interesting. He is also responsible for the concept of "Kama Sutra". But he observed other cultures and their weirdness.

Burton, like many good white men who were honest and told things the way they really are, like the Italian, Machiavelli, wrote a number of things including about JEWS!!!!!

Yes, Richard Burton mentioned that Jews might be into human sacrifice.

I have mentioned Lewis Carroll whom the Jews hate for his writings mentioning Jews.

Well, it seems the Jews have been trying to drag Burton’s character through the mud as well … nothing new there.

Thus we have 2 Englishmen, who tried, quietly to say some things about the Jews and of course, they are ripped to shit. Many things turned against Burton, and I would not be surprised if the Jews were trying to destroy him during his lifetime. It needs more research. But definitely, Jews hate this man and thus, like they always do, they spread hate about him.

JEWS ARE THE MASTERS OF HATE…. HATE HATE HATE… that’s what Jews spread when they HATE someone who tells the truth about this race of shitbags.

What I am interested in, and if anyone comes across anything of use in this regard, are his extensive writings about Africa. I am so sick and tired of the lies about blacks in the past that I was hunting for writings by whites who travelled in Africa and recorded what they saw.

So any writings, books or videos about whites who travelled in Africa and recorded what they saw is of great interest to me. I will be digging more into Burton.

Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this article if you come across anything of interest.

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