S.Africa: After court allows singing of ‘Kill the boer’ – Waves of farm attacks and murders follow – My Co mments


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[If a White had to sing: "Kill the Blacks" that would be hate speech immediately. But, Blacks can sing "Kill the Boer" and "Kill the Farmer" and it's ok. Furthermore they know that it means: KILL THE WHITE FARMER. And they do. The problem here is that our ENEMY now defines the rules and the laws and they can "interpret" anything, any way they want to. It's pure nonsense of course. They are malicious and they want us dead. Below are the names of Whites who have been killed and you'll see they are all White Afrikaans people. In 1994, we agreed to "peace" but the Blacks NEVER STOPPED FIGHTING AGAINST US! My own lawyer told me that 100,000 Whites have been murdered since 1994. That's a whole other topic. Jan]

Just more than a month after the Equality Court ruled on 25 August 2022, that the struggle song “Kill the boer” does not amount to hate speech, a wave of farm attacks and murders is sweeping through South Africa.

Since 26 August, eight people have been murdered and many more have been injured in another six separate attacks.

According to the police’s official crime figures, twenty-two people were murdered in farm attacks during the first six months of this year. Twelve in the first quarter and ten in the second.

These figures indicate that the number of murders has increased sharply over the past five weeks.

In the most recent incident, Mr. Ettienne du Toit (53) from Sterkspruit near Nelspruit was murdered on 29 September 2022. It appears that he was bludgeoned to death while he was busy working at the water pumps.

Many of the victims’ injuries serve as evidence of the excessive violence and brutality of the attacks.

In his ruling in the Equality Court in Johannesburg, Judge Edwin Molahlehi said that in his opinion, there is not sufficient evidence to prove that singing the song amounts to hate speech.

This stands in stark contrast to the fact that the Human Rights Commission (HRC) had already declared the song to be hate speech in 2000, on request of the FF Plus.

In addition, a 2003 police report found that statements by politicians incite people to violence, and that it is one of the causes of farm attacks and murders.

The FF Plus is convinced that inflammatory statements and songs do indeed incite people to violence and murder.

There is also no doubt that the “boer” referred to in the song means white people.

Farmers in the country have been massacred for decades, but government simply refuses to declare it a priority crime, despite constant pressure from the FF Plus and others.

What is playing out here is a human tragedy, and the ANC will be brought to book for it.

List of recent farm murders and attacks:

Farm murders:

1) 26 August 2022.
Pieter van der Westhuizen
Between Zeerust and Groot Marico.

2) 5 September 2022.
Niko Steenkamp (60)

3) 6 September 2022.
Marthiens Richter (68)
Murdered, and his wife, Elna, was seriously injured.

4) 15 September 2022.
Victor Janse van Rensburg (60)
Caretaker of farm owner.

5) 21 September 2022.
Fran Venter (68)

6) 23 September 2022.
Gideon Swart (52)

7) 27 September 2022.
Dr Jessé Coleman (72)

8) 29 September 2022.
Mr Ettienne du Toit (53)

Farm attacks:

1) 7 September 2022.
Farm wife stabbed and worker attacked.

2) 9 and 10 September 2022.
2 farm attacks.
Lilyfontein/Brakfontein in East London

3) 14 September 2022.
Johan Hattingh (76) shoots and kills two assailants.
Sundra, Mpumalanga

4) 23 September 2022.
3 farm workers wounded.
Alldays, Limpopo

5) 24 September 2022.
Wilna Reid (43)

6) 24 September 2022.
Elderly woman attacked and seriously injured.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/after-court-allows-singing-of-kill-the-boer-waves-of-farm-attacks-and-murders-follow/

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