From a Boer: Boer disunity & Who are the Boers really? Who are the Afrikaners?


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[I asked one of my loyal Boer supporters for his views on the Boers and the Afrikaners. In South Africa, it is quite amazing that the term Boer is hardly used. That is like being in Germany, and you are not allowed to call yourself a German. So I thought I'd ask for input, because the Boers and the Afrikaners are White and speak Afrikaans. To my knowledge, I think they also intermarried quite a lot. So how does one determine who is who? The real key though, is that the Boere are the "Dutch/German" Whites who left the Cape in the 1830s because they HATED BRITISH LIBERALISM and they *HATED* being treated as equals with non-Whites. It is the Boers who went and fought the Zulus and who pulled off Blood River as well as the founding of 3 countries for themselves: Natalia, Orange Free State and the Transvaal. Natalia did not last long because the British came and seized it. The Orange Free State and the Transvaal were the successful ones until the Jewish Rothschilds and Cecil Rhodes got the British to invade the Boer territories in order to steal the insane amounts of mineral wealth of the Boers. In the discussion below is the NG Church. This was the main Afrikaans church. When I grew up in Rhodesia, my mother would, on rare occasions, take me to the NG Church in Salisbury where the sermon was delivered in Afrikaans. Now a very strange thing that happened, was that when my father died in Rhodesia, the NG church refused to bury him because they said he had not been baptized with them! So can you believe we had to find an English Christian preacher to do the sermon at my fathers's funeral! That is how arrogant the NG Church was. I thought it quite weird that the NG Church would not bury a "fellow Afrikaans speaker born in South Africa!" That was pretty weird. But these people were arrogant and wealthy and later I think these same fools fell for Liberalism and then said Apartheid was evil. Now another area where the Boer/Afrikaner difference comes in, lies in the 2nd Anglo Boer war. Most of these "Afrikaners" actually lived in the Cape. When the Boers were fighting for their existence they were hoping and expecting the "Cape Dutch" to rebel against the British … BUT THEY DID NOT. I'm not sure though whether General Jan Smuts is an Afrikaner. He might be the best that came out of the Cape. I'm not sure. I need to check up on this. The term used below by the Boer referring to "joiner" – refers to Whites who surrendered to the British and then fought against the Boers. In other words, traitors. As you can imagine they are held in utter contempt by the Boers. I'm not sure about the religious aspects. But what I'm trying to do is to understand the finer details of this problem of White disunity. I suspect that quite a lot of these "Cape Dutch" are actually quite wealthy, and they are buddies with Jews. Dr Verwoerd, who was Dutch, was on the side of the Boers. His father had a lot of sympathy for the Boers and that's why he moved to South Africa. Verwoerd tried to unite all Whites as one. The comments about coloureds being into religion and every coloured being a pastor is quite quaint. Christian Churches are a big money scam in Africa. This is true. I can tell you more about this. But an interesting parallel that I saw in Memphis, in the USA; is that Blacks there are the same. Every Black with any brains is also a pastor and has his own Church. It's the same sort of nonsense as with the coloureds in South Africa. My Boer supporter definitely believes in Siener Van Rensburg and is a Christian. I will dig more into these matters.  Jan]

Hi Jan
Yip, you are correct, there is a definite lack of unity amongst the
Boere but this division has a long history, well it started in the
Cape just after the settlement of the French Huguenot in the Cape.
That is why you will find that a lot of the "so called right leaders ‘
talk about Boere Afrikaners – that is bullshit.

There is no such thing as a Boere Afrikaner.

Boers are the guys that left the Cape to get away from the liberal
shit of the British and their joiner buddies amongst the Afrikaners.

In principle an Afrikaner is a traitor of the Boer people and he will
join the enemy to help dig the graves of the Boer people.

You will also find that these Afrikaners are the people who remained
in the in the traditional 3 sisters churches which should actually be
4 because the APK (Afrikaans Protestante Kerk) is nothing more than
the NG Kerk with another jacket on and they even admit that they will
not be able to prevent Blacks from attending their church services.

We Boers despise the Afrikaner nearly as much as we despise the
British for what they have done to our women and children in the
concentration camps because the Afrikaners had full knowledge of what
the British were doing to the Boer people.

Maybe I am over generalizing a bit because there are exceptions
amongst Afrikaners and British.

But you must keep in mind that the Afrikaners of the NG Church (Dutch
Reformed Church) forbid their preachers to visit the Boers /
Voortrekkers for purposes of baptism, funerals, communion, etc.
The NG Church placed all the Voortrekkers that left the Cape under
censorship and to this day it has not been lifted by the church.

I think it will take a while for this gap to close but yes it will
close if you look at Scripture and Siener van Rensburg.

The problem with Afrikaners and Boers is that they are so fixated on
"leaders" and every one of them except for Verwoerd and a couple of
others are in it for the money and glory.

This closely resembles the colored communities in this country,
every second person that you meet is a "pastor". That is their top of
the ladder position that everyone wants to attain and make no mistake
churches are a very lucrative business.

I know in Hartenbos there is a white pastor that started a
congregation and after 3 years he wanted to sell the congregation to
another pastor for R65 000. That is the only reason why churches have
a register of all congregation members and you are encouraged to join
the church asap and be taken up in the register – and in actual fact the congregation register is the churches asset register.
A Pastor can take that "asset register" to the bank to obtain a loan.

I don’t know if you know about the Aliwal North court case – it was
many years ago that a certain preacher (I think Sevenster) called the
NG Church the Whore of revelations.

The church took this pastor to court and he won the case because he
proved that the NG Church complies with the conditions as described in
Revelations to be classified as a whore church.

So yes white people in this country need to start waking up and
realize that there only solution is to be found in their own midst and
not with the Blacks or Jews because they will kill and destroy you in
a blink of an eye.

On that note keep in mind that the Afrikaner is very pro jew because
they believe the bullshit that they are the chosen people of God, that
is total and utter nonsense. 98% of them are a bastard race that mask
themselves as Israelites from the Bible but they are in fact a mongrel
Khazaar race. The Boer people know that the jews are imposters and not
the true Israel of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lineage.

Just my comments in short.

Enjoy the weekend.

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