Land seizure from White Farmers: Is the Government trying to STARVE South Africans?

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[All this convoluted stuff relates to the land seizure from the White Farmers WITHOUT COMPENSATION. The DA, a Liberal Political party, says that by ramming this through parliament they're affecting "Food security" in other words … we could begin having food shortages one day. Jan]

press release By Dr Annelie Lotriet MP – Chairperson of the DA Parliamentary Caucus

The DA has successfully passed a resolution at the Liberal International General Assembly this weekend calling for the South African government to reconsider their reckless manner in which they are bulldozing the Section 25 Amendment Bill through Parliament.

The DA drafted a comprehensive resolution that highlighted the issues with the current clause and why it would lead to food insecurity, further economic decline and further unemployment. I highlighted that the DA proposal had a better opportunity of giving dignity to all people, being economic friendly and building investors’ confidence.

DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Darren Bergman, also motivated for the motion during the plenary and stated that it was ironic that the ANC had not mentioned EWC in their current local election manifesto and have maybe realised themselves how disastrous and reckless their actions had been in this regard. The sad thing is that all the parties calling for expropriation without compensation have neglected to educate the masses on the fact that government is the biggest landowner and that the party policy papers of the proposers of this divisive plan all call for the state to own the land and not the people.


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