South Africa on the edge of COLLAPSE: Richest White man warns: SA is on the edge of a Zimbabwe-Argentina-Venezuela situation


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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

[This is Johann Rupert below. He is in partnership with the disgusting Rothschild Jews in Britain. Here he tells a truth. But it should be noted that his father, *HATED* Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the Prime Minister of South Africa who was assassinated by the Jews. These were your Jew-loving wealthy Whites who were deeply embedded with the Jews and who hated the very White Apartheid Government that was trying to hold this country together. Anyway, Rupert dared to say something the other day. This is from an Afrikaans news item. I will translate it for you. But this country is on the edge of collapse. Now my viewpoint is that we must rather let these collapses move forward. We must stop saving these Blacks who are our enemies and who hate us and who even talk about genociding us. It is better that this nation collapse so that we Whites can take our own future into our own hands. Anyway, this super-rich, worthless Jew-loving, White Liberal is admitting that South Africa is in DEEP TROUBLE. We are on the edge of collapse. I say: Let it come. This garbage setup that we live in where we are ruled by Black Communist scum who are backed by Jews, must come to an end. Jan]

Here’s the translation of the message below which is doing the rounds on the phones:
“People don’t realise how close South Africa is to a Zimbabwe-Argentina-Venezuela-type of situation, warned Johann Rupert, the chairman of Remgro. He said on Thursday that it bothers him that people don’t grasp how much trouble we are in. Netwerk24”

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