The AWB: Eugene Terreblanche & the Intense French pain in Algeria – When the French fought like crazy

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One of my supporters is a French lady from Algeria. She sent me this note about the time she was with the AWB:

I had the privilege of meeting E. Terre Blanche and even enrolled for a short period in the AWB, after my divorce. One of his older men – cannot remember his name – had been in Kolwezi (Belgian Congo) fighting against communism. He was so impressed to see a "French woman from Algeria"(Black Foot, Pied-Noir) among the AWB’s crowd, that he gave me his red beret on which is pinned the insignia "Alte Fert Aquila"… I still have it in my office with other objects of great significance to me… As circumstances had me gone back to France (1999, could not stand Mandela anymore), I heard one day that he had been assassinated on his farm among his bee hives… So sad… Thank you for your article, Jan and God bless. Take care of yourself. Michelle

This was my reply to her:
Thanks for your note. I’m going to post a part of it on my website. So you lived in Algeria hey? That’s where the French military fought very intensely to keep Algeria FRENCH isn’t it? Wasn’t that an instance of serious and severe French pain, like Angola/Mozambique?

About Terre Blanche.
Yes, he was murdered by 3 blacks. One of them was from Zimbabwe. My own suspicion and view is that Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (now dead) and Julius Malema of the EFF arranged that assassination as a prelude to farm invasions in South Africa. That’s my firm view on the matter.

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