IMPORTANT: Are Blacks TARGETTING old White pensioners to rob them and TORTURE THEM TO DEATH?


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As you will recall, I mentioned that a Police helicopter was flying around a Sunday ago here in my suburb. All my White neighbours were sitting cringing in their houses. I was unaware that a lot of stuff was going on. So what brought me out was the helicopter so I could photograph it.

But the real story is that 4 Blacks came into the suburb I live in, here in Johannesburg, and they came in BROAD DAYLIGHT, to rob an old White couple. It was then that other people got involved and shots were fired and the Blacks were running away, and then the local security called in the Police and Police helicopter. This eventually led to one of the Blacks being shot dead, and the other 3 being caught and arrested.

All of the above happened just down the road from where I live.

While digging into this stuff, and getting more data on crime, I discovered to my amazement that a local newspaper had reported that in the suburb I live in, that an "elderly female" had been TORTURED TO DEATH earlier this year – about 6 or so months ago.

Because they hide the RACE, I decided to do some digging. It took me a while, but I can now confirm that an OLD WHITE WOMAN WAS TORTURED TO DEATH IN HER HOUSE HERE IN THE SUBURB I LIVE IN, HERE IN JOHANNESBURG.

I am so disgusted by this. And all my neighbours of course, keep their heads down and say nothing.

Now I’m wondering if ELDERLY WHITES are a TARGET by Blacks for robbing – like the 4 who came with guns – or even being tortured to death.

So this is not just a "Farm murder" torturing to death, but imagine someone in the city being tortured to death in their own home!!!!

This is so utterly disgusting.

The Police are apparently "investigating" in their useless fast-asleep way, but they have "not uncovered anything new". So it probably means the cops are just FAST ASLEEP.

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