From Jan in South Africa: Black Rule sucks! – No WATER … no Electricity … NOBODY gives a F*CK!!!

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Today, Sunday, I suddenly discovered there is no water coming out of the tap. I checked with my neighbours and it turns out there is a huge – massive – freaking leak. My entire suburb and maybe even a bigger area, is without water!!!

It seems it took the Blacks a whole freaking day to figure out WHERE TO TURN OFF THE WATER SO IT DOESN’T JUST POUR OUT. The hole is so big it looks like a small pond you can jump into. My neighbours are furious. The Blacks might repair it tomorrow…. maybe… so everyone is without water.

Luckily, I had prepared a bit and I have some 20L plastic bottles with water for such an emergency. So I’m fine. I can carry on for a few days.

The electricity is on and off as usual.


But this is the path to freedom.

Last Sunday there was the shooting in my suburb and the Police helicopters, this Sunday it is no water! We live in the wild West, but it’s fine.

We will claw our way out of this shithole!!!! 🙂
We’re far from finished.

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