Idiotic Liberal (Jew?) mocks South Africa saying we lost the war to the blacks… My Reply


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A Liberal fool wrote these comments to me on my Bitchute channel with regard to my video:


I think the idiot came and made the remarks because some of my pals were mocking the Jews in the Israeli Defence force for wearing diapers, and we were laughing at the idiotic Jews. So then some Jews came in attacking us NAZIS!

Here’s what the idiot, who was most likely a Jew wrote:
You fought the war and you lost so now it’s sour grapes. Get over it. Face the facts. The blacks won and now you under their rule. That’s how it is so stop blowing your horn and don’t give me that blame the Jew thing but you make my wife laugh a lot and then I also start laughing. With that dry tone you have and a little focus I think you’ll make a great comedian.

I wrote to him:

You clearly don’t have much knowledge. Lost the war? South Africa did not lose any war. Neither did the Portuguese, nor the Rhodesians. In the end, we lost EVERYTHING through POLITICS. Politics was our enormous loss. Not the war. You say "the blacks won". Ok, show me the battles they "won", the casualties, etc. Show me this. I can show you all the battles the blacks lost. In the end the blacks in Angola for example needed 11,000 Soviet Officers, and 30,000 Cuban troops and armour and even Eastern Europeans to come and fight for them. The blacks were trained and equipped by the Soviet Union, China, the Warsaw Pact, etc. Nordlux, below, from Bulgaria, will tell you that they made 1 million AK47s for the blacks. If the blacks did not have the entire world on their side they would never have lasted a day. Even so they NEVER won anything militarily. It was POLITICS and economic sanctions that brought South Africa down, and nothing more. South Africa, for the record, shot up more Russian tanks in Africa in the biggest battles that raged in Africa since Rommel in WW2. The whites left tens of thousands of blacks dead… in each war, for minor casualties. Indirectly, we killed even more… in Mozambique, 1 million blacks starved to death as a result of wars that we, the whites had created among them. You’re just stupid, and you know nothing I’m afraid. Keep on dreaming. We’re going to kill even more blacks in the future!

Considering how few whites we were… our total population in a huge area, the size of Europe, and numbering less than the whites in a single city in America (we never exceeded 6-7 million), we punched way above our weight level. More likely you are a Jew, and that would explain your idiotic response.

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