Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: How Mugabe destroyed a White family & took their farm & their house

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[In Zimbabwe, there were 5,000 white farmers in 2000. These were the whites who had decided to stay and try to live under black communist rule. In South Africa when the blacks took over there were 60,000 white farmers. Its now down to 30,000 or less.

In this story, you’ll see how a particularly influential white family were in the end destroyed by Mugabe. Don’t think anything has changed since he was ousted in a coup. The communist ZANU PF are still running the show. It was just a quick power struggle amongst black communists ousting one of their own. Otherwise nothing has changed at all.

This is just one story of thousands of what happened to whites there. Jan]

Daren Martin’s story in Zimbabwe: What next for South Africa?

Opinion by Front National SA

Daren Martin's story in Zimbabwe: What next for South Africa? Photo: FNSA
Daren Martin’s story in Zimbabwe: What next for South Africa? Photo: FNSA

Daren Martin is one of our most active and outspoken youth members at Front National. He is a member of an old Rhodesian farming family.

Some years ago the regime of Mugabe expropriated the family farm. The family moved to Harare while starting court proceedings. Daren’s mother had some influential contacts all over the world and the Mugabe regime realised that they were going to have a tough time getting rid of this white family.

One morning Daren and his twin brother, at that time merely 14 years old, slipped through the fence of the water reservoir to do what teenagers do behind old buildings- an illegal smoke break! The guards noticed them and arrested them.

When the identity of the two boys was discovered the instruction came directly from Mugabe: Charge them with conspiracy to poison the water supply of the presidential palace!

The two boys were interrogated and locked up! It took their mother a few days to find out where they were and endless international phone calls to get them released from prison…one of those even to Thabo Mbeki, who called Mugabe and negotiated their release.

The condition was simply this: Hand over the keys to the farm and your house in the city and get out of the country, or we prosecute the boys and lock them up for life.

They had no choice.

The family relocated to Cape Town.

This week one of the boys returned to the farm.

There was nothing left. The trees were chopped down for firewood, the buildings of the once prosperous farm were destroyed and the graves of Daren’s grandparents were desecrated. His grandfather’s headstone broken, his grandmother’s ashes removed and scattered on the ground so that the brass container could be stolen.

Daren sent me the pictures last night, again with the request:

Tell our people about this. This is what is coming our way if we don’t stand together and push for self determination. I’ve been through it. I’ve been in jail for being white. I’ve seen our property destroyed. I’m not talking nonsense here!

Read the original article on Front Nasionaal SA

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/daren-martins-story-in-zimbabwe-what-next-for-south-africa/

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