America and Russia really stuffed things up for both Europe and the Whites in Africa

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[This is from a note I was writing to a guy in Europe who has been busy going through my WTA videos. Jan]

He wrote:
Hello, Jan. I’m enjoying your series on the struggle of Southern African whites. Currently watching the part about the Portuguese.

I replied:
Did you watch my video that I did earlier this year about how South Africa and Rhodesia killed a million Blacks?

I have very strong views on Europe and Africa, and you’ll see the evidence for it in that NATO video, the role of Europe in Africa. Africa is really in the European sphere of interest, and Africa is a vital area, strategically to Europe, and America and Russia really buggered that up for Europe.

The real events that nobody looks at is how America and Russia (both Jew controlled), came out on to the world stage at the time of WW1. Not only did they fight in Europe, but both Russia and America took on a decided anti-colonial, anti-European stance. And both America and Russia ran around claiming that they were "freeing" people. The Russians from 1928 onwards, openly pushed for the rebellion of all non-Whites in the European colonies against Europe. They were the first prime movers and big trouble-makers. But America told Britain during WW2 that America will not support British colonialism. I think David Irving was the one who mentioned this. So Britain was licking American boots knowing full well that America would not support the British Empire. How stupid was that? Whereas Hitler was incredibly pro-British Empire. (So was Rudolph Hess). The Germans actually loved the stupid British and there were Germans who kept trying to calm other Germans (like Hitler) down and warning them that Britain would actually turn on Germany.

Both America and Russia, to this day, are actually pro-Non-White. Their entire foreign policy is to suck up to non-Whites across the world, and yet, the Americans would surely have realised with time the critical importance of Europe as an entity and what the Europeans bring to the table.

WW2 totally shattered Europe and to me it is only as if, now, 80 years later, we are finally seeing Europe coming back into its own. Russia tried very hard to seize all of Africa and made good headway, but America competes with Russia on the same level. Both America and Russia keep licking non-White feet. America is anti-White in its foreign policy and so is Russia.

I hope you found the video refreshing where you saw how the Portuguese and Europe and the South Africans were working together to try to save White interests in Africa.

A topic I’ve not touched on is neo-colonialism, and how, even after losing Africa, some European countries managed to retain some kind of business/diplomatic power in Africa, especially the French. The French come out tops, and the Germans and others are there too. It is so refreshing compared to the utterly pathetic anti-White, anti-European, anti-Colonial moves of America and Russia which exist to this day. Both America and Russia have surrounded themselves with non-White allies everywhere. From a Whites in Africa viewpoint this is disastrous for us. I believe that our only hope is to link Whites, especially the Boers with Europe. This is our natural link.

I do think, as time goes by, that the USA will suffer from diminishing returns as it wastes insane amounts of money and effort on all the Third world trash that it’s trying to work with. I think the Russians never really got any of the main benefits they were hoping for.

My main hope for the future, for us in Africa, remains Europe, and I like seeing Europe strengthening. The Europeans are much more sane and in my view Europe should move back into Africa.

I hope you get to watch the 3rd video. I’ve heard of people watching the first 2, but nobody has yet told me they’ve reached the 3rd one. I think you might be surprised when you get to the 3rd one.

I’m looking forward to your questions and thoughts about what you learned from these videos.

I have found really interesting, but of less strategic importance, information about the Whites of Africa in those decades. In these videos I focused on critical, high level info that would otherwise be forgotten, which is very very important. But the other stuff I’ll do videos on will surprise people and you may be surprised to see a side of Whites and of Africa that is really fascinating.

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