How Whites can try to become independent or self-employed – There are 2 methods

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[This is what I wrote to a young American to guide him. He was thinking of gardening and making money out of that. Jan]

I wrote:
The problem with gardening and various other ideas has to do with the fact that we are competing against bigger organisations with much more capital and money. That is what is killing most Whites financially who are trying to make a buck.

The best way to try to make some cash for yourself is to find a NICHE. A NICHE is critical. Many industries have specific niches that are too unprofitable for big businesses to deal with but the money in that may be enough for you to survive or even thrive on.

Think in terms of:-
1. Niches.
2. High Tech or high skill.

Those are the 2 ways that Whites can try to make themselves independent.

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