South Africa is Bleeding…

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Under Black rule: About half of all South African children drop out of school before they reach Grade 12. The vast majority of these are Black kids.

[TAU is very good. Their statements are very accurate. The SA Government does not care about crime. They might even want it. I don't trust the evil scum who rule us. Jan]

The following recent Press Release from the Transvaal Agricultural Union entitled "South Africa is Bleeding" is a really eye-opening article, and illustrates clearly the true conditions prevailing in the "new" South Africa :-

South Africa is bleeding and it does not seem that the country’s government or police service has the will or the ability to stop it.

This is the conclusion that TLU SA comes to when looking at the first quarter of the year’s crime figures. Crime figures indicate an increase in all areas with no prospect of a decrease.

"It is frightening how the figures continue to rise. The government of a country has primarily two responsibilities. First, he must look after the security of the country’s inhabitants and then also create the climate with its policy environment for economic growth. It is clear that the government is failing,” said Mr Bennie van Zyl, TLU SA’s General Manager.

"We no longer have a well-trained and respected police service. And the government does not seem to realise the need for one. The figures are shocking, disturbing and absolutely unacceptable.”

TLU SA’s President Mr Henry Geldenhuys said it was time for police officers to start taking responsibility for doing their job thoroughly.

"Crime is out of control. Here is the evidence. Increasingly, the individual is expected to ensure his or her own safety. And it is not the duty of the man and woman on the street. The government shifts its responsibility. Now it becomes the duty of neighbourhood watch and farm guards.”

TLU SA Regional Chairman: North, Mr Henk van de Graaf added: "It is only becoming clearer that changes – on a large scale – are necessary if we want to find a solution to the country’s crime problem. The reality is every resident runs the risk of becoming part of the crime statistics. Our country is bleeding and the government is watching. "

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