1936: INTENSE Jewish hate speech: Destroy the non-Jews, destroy Christianity & Catholicism & Rule the World!


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[This is a MUST READ!!! Someone on the social media posted an image or two about this, but the image of this reprint was not very legible. So I hunted around and found a really excellent copy of it which I’ve reproduced below.

This is from a Catholic magazine and they say they know and fully trust the source of this. This is a hideous speech given by a Jew. In this hideous speech the Jew speaks of how the Jews have been responsible for the destruction of most of the European aristocracy (which I have strongly suspected myself). It talks of how the UK and USA are under their control and how the UK will do anything for them.

Then it launches into an intense hatred of the Catholics. It is softer on Protestantism and this confirms a suspicion I have long had, that it is the Protestants who have benefited from the Jews and whom the Jews have cunningly driven against the Catholics. The Catholics have by no means have been “harsh” on the Jews, but the Jews are such spoiled brats, such arrogant filth, that they hate even those who are only very mildly opposed to them! Jews hate everyone, especially if they are white. But they hate a Catholic far more than a Protestant, because the Catholic is more firmly opposed to them than the Protestant – even though Catholics never harm a hair on the head of the Jewish scum!

The problem is not that whites have treated the Jews unfairly or badly. The problem is that the whites have treated the Jews far, far, better than they could ever deserve. They are such a race of the utmost spoiled brats that they do not tolerate even the mildest treatment that any decent people would dish out even to their own. They howl and shriek and are furious … FOR NOTHING! They are treated 10,000 times better than they could ever deserve.

Christians have allowed them to live and to proliferate and have enabled them to succeed and prosper beyond measure. Yet, even so, the Jew has nothing but hatred for the soft-hearted Christian!

But of the Christians, it does appear to me that the Catholics were slightly harder on the Jews than the Protestants. In this speech, filled with an intense hatred for goyim (non-Jews), but actually pointed firmly at WHITES IN THE WESTERN WORLD, you will see the unbelievably haughty Jewish view of whites, combined with an arrogance that is beyond all belief.

This speech should show you CLEARLY, that it is the JEWISH EXTREMISM that is the real problem here. Whites are unbelievably mild and patient. The Jew is a raging pit of hatred, fury and arrogance. The Jew openly wants to destroy anyone and everyone so that the Jew may rule the world as “God’s chosen”. I think, that Jewish rule must be smashed into millions of pieces NEVER to arise again. Read this, and you’ll see real HATRED.

I found that a Christian website had a copy of the exact same speech and they also included a full commentary of each and every segment of the speech. I put a link to it at the bottom.

I think every Christian should read this. Jan]

There are many copies of this speech and I’ve reproduced a copy of it. However at this link you’ll find a Christian website that reproduces the speech in full along with a detailed commentary of it: https://christogenea.org/podcasts/protocols-satan-part-20-jewish-peril-and-catholic-church

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