How White Immigration into Rhodesia and South Africa worked decades ago… The MASSIVE Migration plan


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[I've been doing various research regarding Rhodesia when I stumbled on a very interesting thing. It seems there might have been some kind of plan for really MASSIVE immigration to South Africa after WW2. So I'm digging into it. I know Rhodesia was much more selective about immigration. Jan]

This is a note I got back from another Rhodesian:
There was a scheme to bring whites to South Africa and it continued well into the 1970s. Rhodesia was far more selective in who it brought in, resulting in a much smaller, but also largely more educated, white population. I spoke to a man recently who had to make 4 visits to the Rhodesian High Commission in London before he was accepted to come to Rhodesia. I cannot find much online, but will continue to ask. As to General Walls-he wrote no books about the Rhodesian war and seldom gave talks.

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