Are White South Africans waking up? – A guy who is very Pro-Secession, but thinks Civil War is BAD for Whites…


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[This is a note I sent to a good American supporter about a video link he sent to me. I don't want to post the link. See what I wrote to the American. Jan]

I wrote:
I listened a little bit to this. I actually know this guy personally. But he never listens to me. I am in direct contact with him, and when I need to I speak to him.

But I’ve never yet heard that he actually watched any of my videos. Perhaps years ago he did. But I never hear from him any indication that he’s listened properly to my videos.

The fact that he is saying that secession is the best thing – well that’s a good sign. It means that my message from my secession video has done the rounds.

But I listened a little bit into the video – a short piece – until he said he thinks Civil War is the worst thing. So I lost interest in it at that point.

If you want to summarise some of what he says then you’re welcome then I’ll comment on it. I know he’s not a NAZI, and he definitely thinks, like most South Africans in normal capitalist terms.

I’ve had many personal discussions with him behind the scenes and he’s always cringing at the thought of fighting the Blacks, etc.

Let me know what you think he’s said that is positive. I’d rather read a short summary from you and comment on it.

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