Many Rhodesians are as dumb as planks about the past: Jews in Rhodesia and America – My head could EXPLODE!!!

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[A Rhodesian supporter who fought in Rhodesia and lives in America was talking to me. This is an excerpt from a reply to him. This is HEAVILY EDITED – I removed many things from what I wrote to him. But you'll see my message. Jan]

I wrote:
Thanks for your email. I want to actually post some of it. I’m also realising that there are many Rhodesians who are as dumb as planks.

I need to reply to you properly, but I have to focus on other stuff today.

It is horrifying what’s going on in America – how the Jews are befuddling the Americans.

Even the South Africans think that they were "just fighting the Blacks". They have no idea what happened.

I even have a book on the JEWS of Rhodesia!!! Do you know most of the "White Mayors" in Rhodesia were JEWS?

But I am delving into Rhodesian history again, and going back to even before Ian Smith.

We all lost for nothing.

When I see photos of the Blacks in Zimbabwe and film footage that comes from there, my blood could *BOIL*. I look at them and I think: "So you are the new RHODESIANS? You are *BETTER* than WE WERE?" … My head could f*cking explode when I think about it.

The same is true for South Africa. I can’t stand it.

I went back to "Zimbabwe" only once, in 1986. I was there for 2 weeks. After a week, I cancelled my trip and got on a plane and returned and I vowed to NEVER set foot in that Black Communist rat hole again. Even then I was hearing how the Whites were treated. I could not believe they put up with that.

But I’m doing research and gathering mountains of stuff. Stick around, you’re going to see some wild stuff in the next year!!!!

Rhodesians need to be awakened. Many are as dumb as planks, just like the South Africans. They know nothing.

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