Have I been quoting a British Jew on my website???

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Some weeks ago you will remember I posted a news item from the USA where people were remarking that Oprah lorded over whites. She said something about hiring only/mainly white people and now she orders them around

I posted an interesting WW2 story the other day from a "British Historian". And I found the story interesting. But the guy I was quoting is someone whose videos I had watched on Youtube for quite some time. And his videos about Africa were quite accurate, because he even spoke about White South Africans accurately.

So a British guy who has a website wrote me quite an angry email saying: But you are quoting a British JEW!!!!

I had done my checks to see if I am quoting a Jew and the guy did not look like a Jew and his attitude seemed ok. I had watched a good number of his videos.

The Brit pointed out the guy has a possible Jewish surname, and I checked and this could be so.

I found his biography but no mention of being Jewish.

However, I had to admit he’s written a LOT of books and he is published on many websites that would be regarded as liberal, and so it has made me wonder.

Plus he is on JEWTUBE… without a problem whereas everyone else has been kicked off.

So I think the Brit might have a point … I might just have been quoting a Jew.

I will go through the British guy’s input and will publish it. I don’t want to quote Jew rats here on my website.

So I thought I’d found a decent White guy in Jewish Britain … when in fact … maybe I just found a JEW in JEWISH BRITAIN!!!

That’s very sad really. Where the hell are the White British???

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