Angry Black Professor … We’ve got to kill these Whites … Chase the Whites into the sea … kill their children and their cats and dogs


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[This is a note I sent to someone about this big fat Professor moron in the USA who says We need to take these MotherF*ckers (whites) out… Blah blah… In South Africa plenty of Blacks have openly called for our genocide by saying things, in public, to masses of Blacks like: "We will chase them into the sea…" So see my note below. Jan]

Firstly, take note of the people who are talking about killing us. Like this "Professor" … and I am firmly convinced she doesn’t have 10% of the actual IQ needed to be a real professor. But take note of many of those who speak about killing us, and ask yourself, HOW THEY ARE GOING TO ACTUALLY KILL US? Like in her case, what is she capable of? Is she going to ROLL OVER US? I can’t see any reason to fear her. But she is talking her shit.

Secondly, the day is coming, and it is within our lifetimes, when Whites are going to beat the living crap out of all these people who have spat in our faces so much, provoked us endlessly, humiliated us, hurt our people… killed and even tortured our people. The day is coming, when lots of these loud mouths of today will be lying in piles, stinking up the place … and hopefully, feeding some vultures. When they are on the run, screaming for their lives, then they will be saying things like: Why did these Whites get so angry? Why didn’t they speak to us? Why didn’t they tell us? Let me tell you, these loud mouthed punks of today WILL DO THAT. They will say: WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? WHY ARE THESE WHITES SO ANGRY? WHAT DID WE DO? Let me tell you, I’ve worked among these non-Whites and I have been through all the kinds of crap they come up with after the event. First they f*ck you over, then later, when you’re angry then they pretend that they don’t know why you are angry. Why didn’t you tell us … they would say to me? And I could have answered: BECAUSE YOU NEVER F*CKING LISTEN YOU F*CKING ASSHOLE … I have spoken to you. But you wiped your ass on me due to your superior rank. So I know the kind of shit they all come up with. The Jews will be the worst of the lot. They’ll claim that we are wildly vindictive while they were just peacefully going about their lives helping us all. *ALL* these loudmouthed punks of today will talk like this in the coming decades as their corpses pile up and they flee from us. So it is well worth preserving all these videos, articles, etc, because our children and grandchildren will be needing it as proof of how THEY CONSTANTLY PROVOKED US FOR DECADES… the things they said, the things they did, etc.

Thirdly, they reveal their HATRED … THEIR HATRED OF US… they reveal it clearly and openly. They reveal it in a time when they have nothing to fear and when they have been treated far better than any of them deserve. Instead of being happy, and being GRATEFUL, many of them have hatred. In the case of these low IQ ones … the Jews have stoked them up and these fools now are filled with all kinds of junk hatred… Here in South Africa Blacks have said things in public, to masses at crowds like: "We will chase them into the sea" … You must kill all the White men, women and children … and even their dogs and cats… All these things have been spoken in public in recent years.

But I warn you, when we get round to giving them a good beating that they well deserve in the decades to come … you’ll see them claiming victimhood all the way. All of them.

My own prediction is that the Jews will be long gone … by the time the Whites are evening the score with the Blacks. The Blacks will be on their own. 🙂

Jews know … GTFO.

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