#BS#Greek American wants to help White South Africans

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Zimbabwe: 10,000 Blacks starved to death after White Farmers were chased out
2004: The Black Government denied that Blacks were starving to death. Here a Black Bishop gave some statistics. In here you‘ll read about nasty events that were hidden from the world.

#BS#I got this lovely message from a Greek American:

I am a fourth generation Greek American. I own 30 acres of land in the south eastern US and would be interested in helping 3 or 4 White families to get the hell out of SA and bring them here to mountains of North Carolina and give each family an acre of land apiece. Here they will live in a heavily armed all White community, go to White schools and will be SAFE. I have seen the pictures of slaughtered White families in SA and it breaks my heart! I know what is going to happen to all the Whites in SA when the Niggers of the “Economic Freedom Fighters” decide to murder them. I want to help. Mark

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