2005: Do Black African sexual practises contribute to the spread of AIDS?

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[A friend of mine was telling me a while back, while we were discussing the subject of AIDS, that he came upon some items on the Internet about Black sexual practises which contribute to AIDS.

In particular, what he mentioned was this: Apparently, (all?) Blacks in Africa do not like sex with “lubricated” women. They therefore administer various herbs, etc which help to “dry up” a woman”s juices. This results in women being damaged during sex – in the form of various tears, etc. These tears then of course help for a woman to get infected with AIDS.That is what my friend passed on to me.

Now, I do know, that AIDS surveys in S.Africa say that AIDS does spread faster among women than men… but since I am no expert on AIDS I cannot tell you if this is so worldwide… or more prevalent in Africa. The recent news report about married Black men having sex with gay men – definitely adds a new twist to the thing. But maybe there is even more that we do not know.

So, if anyone has more knowledge, or has access to a Scientist, or a Doctor, or Nurse or someone with more knowledge, I would appreciate the feedback. Again, either contact me by email or drop me a line on my website on the Contact us page, under “Forums & Guest book” on my menu. Jan]

Source: https://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=110265

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