From Jan: I’ve been very ill since the weekend … physical exhaustion and sick…

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This is a note. I’ve been wanting to post on my website and do stuff, but I’m actually feeling quite sick. It really hit me on Saturday when I was overcome with total exhaustion to the point of collapse where I just needed to climb into bed to sleep literally day and night.

On Sunday I was with Kevin Strom on the radio ham show but by the 2nd hour I was so exhausted, I began fainting at my desk and I needed to get into bed for the rest of the day. I went out today for the first time but I’m still very exhausted and need rest.

I think it will take me about a week to recover. Lots of things must have caught up to me including physical exhaustion, stress, etc. My time from December until last week has been extremely intensive and it’s all finally caught up to me.

I’ll try to post again tomorrow.

You do have lots of videos to watch in the meantime – big videos with lots of meat!!!



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