Rhodesia, Cecil Rhodes, Jews & the modern American White Elite and Jews…


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Here are some notes I posted for someone who was writing about Cecil Rhodes being an agent of the Jews. The person said that the Jews allowed the Whites into Africa to start race wars and that Africa belongs to the blacks.

I replied:
I know all about Professor Carroll Quigley, I even have that book the Anglo American Establishment here in my office. You just need to learn some history. I have an enormous book with the biography of Rhodes. Your utterly twisted interpretation of African history is ludicrous. It bears no resemblance to reality. And your argument would fall flat on its face if you studied the Boers, Portuguese or others. Your best shot is Rhodesia. Nice try, but a total flop. You are clearly unaware of how Rhodes, the British, the Whites, the Boers and others operated in Africa or even why most of Europe rushed to seize Africa in the space of 20 years. You don’t mention communists, you don’t mention JEWISH COMMUNISTS who started the so-called “Liberation wars” which were Jewish Communist race wars intended to break white control in Africa. You have so much to learn. And your analysis is dead wrong.

Then I added more:

About Rhodes. He’s a fascinating character, and I’m digging more. There are quotes from him like: “If the Jews come to my country (Rhodesia) then I know all will be well”. I’m paraphrasing but that is more or less what he said. However, Rhodes and other Englishmen and Europeans were physically in Africa, and a few Jews too. Rothschild, never came here and even Carroll Quigley describes how Rhodes informs him and that he is not that interested. CONQUEST is not a Jewish thing. Jews come in when the whites have done the hard work. They do this everywhere. Rhodes was an englisman who like, say Elon Musk, was close to Jews and worked hand in glove with them. But there are many indications that Rhodes had his own ideas. It was Rhodes who wanted the British Empire to be the greatest in the world, and he even wanted the USA to become a part of the British Empire and for it to be so strong that nobody could fight against them… thus ensuring world “peace” by force. Rhodes brought machine guns to Rhodesia when the blacks rebelled in the 1890s. Whites mowed the blacks down with machine guns. Rhodes had ideas that the British themselves did not have for themselves. He seized pieces of land for Britain which the British Govt itself had no plans to seize. Its a fascinating and complex history. Whites were pretty aggressive in Africa and Jews went along for the ride as long as there was money… gold and diamonds. I don’t think its any different to today. I think the American Elite, and the Jews are working together today in the same way that Rhodes and the Jews worked together. The two groups work together, but each has different aspects. As a rule, the white elite, supply the man-power for labour, the soldiers for killing and the police and legal system. The Jewish parasite dives in when the structure is set up in order to make money. Jews do not explore, conquer or fight. Whites do that. But when that’s done, then the Jews rush in to set up business and make money. I’ll bet you its working exactly like that right now across the Western world.

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