A (White) South African couple worked for the Jewish paedophile billionaire Epstein – They have to Testify in Court


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A South African couple who worked for Jeffrey Epstein has now been requested to testify in a lawsuit between the US Virgin Islands and the accused sex trafficker’s old bank, JPMorgan Chase. The lawsuit stems from accusations that the bank enabled Epstein to commit the crimes he was on trial for at the time of his ‘suicide’.

Miles and Cathy Alexander spent 8 years working on Epstein’s private island, Little St. James. Authorities believe that they might have information that can help shed light on Epstein’s crimes. Cathy worked as a housekeeper on the island between 1999 and 2007, and a request to testify has been sent to the couple via the Humansdorp Magistrates Court. If approved by the court, the request will compel Cathy and her husband to spill the beans on some of the sordid scenes that played out in the house while they were employed.

According to News24, Cathy’s husband Miles was also employed as an island manager during the time in question. Considering some of the rumours that have surrounded the island like toxic fog, their testimony is bound to be shocking.

The couple has said that they would ‘of course’ cooperate, but have not received any official correspondence yet, despite being contacted in 2020 for information. They were however quick to point out that they could not be held liable for Epstein’s actions during their time on the island.

But it has to be understood – we were acting on the instructions of Mr Epstein and can’t be held liable for what he did.”

Both Cathy and Miles appeared in the Netflix documentary Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster. In it, they told of the various guests to visit the island, which included celebrities, politicians and royalty. They admitted to seeing young women lying around the pool, sometimes nude. However, they denied being aware of any sexual abuse.

Visitors would leave the island “very suddenly”

All the sordid details are sure to come out when the couple give their testimony. They are not the only South Africans to be drawn into Epstein’s web. A local Cape Town model has also accused Epstein of sexual abuse during visits to his Paris and New Mexico homes.

Source: https://www.2oceansvibe.com/2023/01/26/sa-couples-who-worked-for-jeffrey-epstein-to-testify/

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