Farm attack victim walks through under Police brutality and intimidation.

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Farm attack victim walks through under Police brutality and intimidation.

Article provided by Klaas Prinsloo of the White Cross Monument

A farmer from the Vaalwater area was attacked by 3 farm attackers on 17 December 2023, on which he resisted. 2 of the attackers were fatally wounded and the third one ran away. The third one was also wounded. The attacker who got away was apprehended by community members of a local informal settlement and learnt some lessons.

The victim was directly charged with murder.

The aftermath of the incident
The victim was currently released on bail on charges of murder. Police arrived at the victim thursday with a warrant. The incident happened earlier in February. According to the victim, the warrant was incomplete and also possibly obtained in a false manner. The appendix with the reasons for obtaining the warrant was also not attached, according to the victim! The victim did not oppose the Police and only requested that his legal representatives be present to check the warrant as there is a court order against the police. The victim gave police signs that he would unlock his safes in the presence of his legal team.

Police had already been informed that the victim’s legal team was on the way. According to reports, police communicated with the legal team over the phone and confirmed that the team was on its way. The lawyer gave an 8-minute duration for when he would show up.

According to the victim, police tried to avoid meeting with the attorney because the documentation was not filled out correctly. When the victim informed the Police that he was waiting for his legal representative, they arrested him with a charge of contempt of court. They grabbed the victim’s wife’s cellphone from her hand and took him to Silverton’s Police Station cells on the said charge

Upon arrival of the victim’s lawyer, the Police informed the attorney that if the victim would hand over his firearms then they would not formally charge him. The lawyer confirmed that the documentation was not completed correctly.

The Attorney suggested that the victim hand in the weapons so they could fight them in court. The Police decided, in the presence of the lawyer, to take the weapons in an un-forensic manner. The lawyer opposed this and then the Police went to collect the necessary forensic packages of material from the Police Station.

One of the weapons’ license has expired but the renewal application has already been approved and the victim is awaiting the issuance of the new license card. The officer took the victim back to Silverton Police Station and charged him with contempt of court. Police also attempted to charge the victim with possession of an illegal firearm. The charge of possession of an illegal firearm was down gun as the victim’s neighbor was able to show evidence to police.

The Police decided to detain the victim on charges of contempt of court! Police informed the victim that they would have him appear in court the next day. Fortunately, police did not search the victim properly and had his cell phone with him. That Friday morning, police officers came to pick up the court cases but they ignored him.

The victim called his lawyer and informed him of the state of affairs. The lawyer was already at court awaiting the victim. The lawyer rushed him to silverton police station after which he informed police that the victim was not to be detained for more than 48 hours. If he is detained over the weekend it will exceed 48 hours

The station commander ordered the victim to be charged immediately and also taken to court.

An officer from a totally different Police Station arrived and wrote the charge sheets. The officer has no authority at the concerned Police station. The complainants had to sign with the charge sheet. The charge sheet was opened for contempt of court as well as possession of an illegal firearm. Police prohibited the attorney from being present at the time of the issuance of the charge sheet. According to the victim, police chased the lawyer away in a very crass way and with spiced language.

The lawyer drove to court and the victim was also taken to court. Upon arrival at the courthouse, the officer of the other division jumped out of the vehicle and entered the courthouse with the documents.

The Attorney asked where the victim’s case occurred on which they referred the attorney to Court D. Meanwhile, the victim was booked to stand trial in Court 16. As a result, the lawyer was present in the wrong courtroom. The magistrate read the charge sheets to the victim as stated. The victim pleaded not guilty to the charges, to which the victim gave signs that he already had legal representation and that the representative was supposed to already be present.

The Magistrate decided that the victim should spend until the following Thursday in Pretoria Central Prison until his case can come back to the fore. The victim was already ready to leave Pretoria Central prison. The victim prayed incessantly, begging the LORD for outcome.

Fortunately, the magistrate and the lawyer were known to each other and the Attorney checked the court roll and found out that the victim’s name was not on the court roll. The Solicitor went directly to the central register office on which they again gave signs to the Solicitor that the victim was in Court D! The Attorney offered his opposition. After the lawyer threatened the officials with prosecution, they handed over the correct details to the lawyer.

When the lawyer arrived in Court 16, the last case scheduled was already underway. The lawyer explained to the magistrate the circumstances in which the magistrate refused to revoke and bring the case again. The Magistrate immediately went to the controlling officers and stated his case. The magistrate in command accompanied the lawyer to the courtroom where the trial took place. The lawyer explained that his client had been innocently arrested. The magistrate who had to hear the case could be persuaded to reconsider his decision. The magistrate informed the lawyer if the van had not yet left he could look the matter over again.

The victim was about to be loaded into the prison van when the lawyer landed there

The magistrate immediately withdrew both charges and that the victim was free to go home. The lawyer admitted that he was not a believer, but he realized that what happened was a miracle from GOD…


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