EXCELLENT: White S.African dependency on Blacks is decreasing massively! – 61,000 Blacks fired annually!


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[Finally I get to see statistics which prove what I have been talking about for a long time. Whites are using less and less black labour! This trend began in the 2nd half of the 1980s. Even huge (((Liberal))) businesses began “automation” in their factories. Blacks today scream and howl about the loss of jobs. But these same blacks were extremely spiteful and even violent in the work environment for over 30 years. Due to black communism and its resultant violence, strikes and endless legal actions – employers have been downsizing on black staff for decades – and this includes the (((Liberals))).

Now whites in Colonial and Apartheid times often could afford to easily employ 2-3 blacks to work for them in the house and garden because the blacks were, literally dirt cheap. However, with communist and liberal agitation, blacks, as employees became ever more expensive and even outright dangerous. Black workers COSTS have been rising for the last 30+ years BUT BLACK PRODUCTIVITY HAS NOT GONE UP! In fact, from my own observations, I would say that black productivity has actually been going DOWN and CONTINUES TO GO DOWN. This is an unstoppable trend that has hit even the richest (((Liberals))) out there. The trend is nationwide.

One of the most amazing unspoken facts that blacks seem to have NEVER REALISED, is that THEIR BEHAVOUR and their violence and unreasonable demands have resulted in whites getting rid of them. In the workplace, even in business, blacks have turned from being a cheap and minor asset, to being a big liability. Nobody can change these raw facts. No Liberal can wish it away. Even the Liberal had to make the same decisions as the “racist white”. Blacks seem incapable of realising that they destroyed their own job opportunities by sticking with communist politics! THEY DESTROYED THEMSELVES … they just have NEVER figured this out. (Nor can they comprehend the whirlwind they’re going to reap from this in the decades to come). 

Due to economic hardships, and the rising cost of blacks, one of the areas where whites have been getting rid of blacks in their private capacity, has been in getting blacks to work for them in their houses and gardens. It used to be common, decades ago for 2 blacks to work for the average white family. Now you get 1 black who works for maybe 5 different whites in a week. This is a MASSIVE CHANGE.

The MACRO picture of South Africa, RACIALLY for 30+ years, is that the white and black races ARE SPLITTING APART. It is a physical trend. Even Liberal whites have been FORCED to cut back on blacks they use. The very ideas they support result in blacks becoming more expensive AND more unproductive as workers! Liberal theory DOES NOT WORK IN THE REAL WORLD! I witnessed this up close for years. Its an undeniable change.

The irony is, that as whites split apart from the blacks, and the whites find that they need the blacks LESS, the more the whites change in their thinking. What we are watching is a trend that will one day end in race war.

Here in these statistics they say that whites are getting rid of 61,000 black domestic workers annually. They claim the total number of black domestic workers lost is over 1 million. I have a feeling that this is not the full picture. If we are currently getting rid of 61,000 black domestic workers per annum, then this is NOT the highest the rate has ever been. This total might only be for the last 15 years. I assure you, the trend must have been much higher, especially in the 1990s. It is my assertion, that whites have gotten rid of MILLIONS OF BLACKS THAT THEY USED TO BE DEPENDENT UPON! … MILLIONS!

The blacks screeching and howling about jobs, don’t realise that whites, even the most pro-black whites, have been firing them and reducing their dependency upon them DUE TO THE SCREWED UP ECONOMICS THAT CAME WITH THE ROTTEN NEW SOUTH AFRICA!

This pattern I might add, is the same for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. We used to pay blacks $10 per month. Mugabe forced us to pay them $100 per month. For the record, the average white man earned only $300 per month! So it was ridiculous to pay them more. So the vast majority of blacks working for whites, except for the richer whites, were fired.

To put the 61,000 in perspective, that means, every day, white South Africans are firing 167 blacks … blacks who might NEVER GET A JOB AGAIN! This also happened in Rhodesia. The majority of blacks who lost their jobs, NEVER got work again. Now in Zimbabwe unemployment is about 90%. Perhaps even more. The entire country is screwed up.

The REAL ENGINE of these “African countries” ALWAYS WAS WHITE EUROPEANS. Destroying us, destroyed all those countries. You can see it across Africa. Once the whites were destroyed, the country imploded to NEVER recover again.

My final point: Nobody has pointed out the extreme value, and importance and SUCCESS of White Colonialism in Africa. White Colonialism is what created the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It has succeeded everywhere. The untold story, was the massive benefits of White Colonialism.

This splitting of the races, opens up a very dangerous future … not for the whites … but for the blacks. Once we don’t need these people … it opens up NIGHTMARES FOR THEM, THE LIKES OF WHICH THEY CANNOT EVEN CONCEIVE. RACIALLY, blacks and whites have been splitting apart for decades. Blacks/Commies kicked the process off, but each side has been driving the other out of work. There is an unswerving path of racial polarisation that’s gone on for DECADES. Jan]

New data from StatsSA reveals that South Africa’s unemployment crisis worsened in the third quarter of 2018, albeit marginally.

Worryingly, the data showed that the country’s stagnant economy has led to heavy casualties in the unskilled sector of the market, namely domestic workers. Year-on-year, as many as 61,000 domestic worker positions have been lost, to 984,000 posts in September, from 1.045 million a year earlier.

Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of the year, showed that the country’s unemployment rate increased marginally to 27.5%.

The number of employed persons increased by 92,000 to 16.4 million, but the number of unemployed persons rose by 127,000 to 6.2 million in Q3: 2018.

The absorption rate remained unchanged at 43.1% and the unemployment rate increased by 0.3 of a percentage point to 27.5% in the same period.

The expanded unemployment rate rose 0.1% to 37.3%, StatsSA said.

Employment losses were largely recorded in technician (48,000), clerical (16,000) and domestic worker (12,000) occupations during this period.

Year-on-year changes show that gains in employment were mainly driven by elementary (145,000), craft and related  trade (97,000), sales and services (82,000) and plant and machine operators (61,000) occupations, while clerical (94,000), domestic worker (61,000) and  technicians (51,000) occupations recorded the largest employment declines.

Domestic worker jobs are at risk in South Africa as the economy and changes to wage regulations add increasing pressure on the households, or the economic sector which typically makes use of their services.

With the local economy in a technical recession, and amid shrinking disposable disposable incomes, along with the added demands of higher wages being introduced with the National Minimum Wage, the effect of this adverse environment is being reflected in employment data.

According to Stats SA, elementary and domestic workers represent close to 30% of the South African workforce – of which, domestic workers account for around 6%.

Employment by occupation

Source: https://businesstech.co.za/news/business/280751/a-large-number-of-domestic-workers-have-lost-their-jobs-so-far-in-2018/

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