American writes to me about: Blacks in Africa & USA also: Whites, Christian madness & Kikes (Jews) – Keep fighting for South Africa


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S.Africa: Black Efficiency: Post Office delivers package 13 years late
A White Family in S.Africa had this crazy experience! The Post Office is worthless. It was bankrupt recently ... AGAIN!

This is what a reader wrote to me:Keep fighting for SA, Jan!
I suspect the mischief in SA will spike as the world turns to watch in
horror as America soon explodes under the arsonists’ firebrands of the
loathsome paid legions of Satanic "Red-kikes" and their malevolent darlings
who want to BLM, "burn, loot, and murder." — in step with their Antifa
devilkin. "Communism is the Gospel of Hell on Earth" is my aphorism for
the Marxist diabolical movement, designed to drag men into Hell and to
make the innocent they live amidst endure appalling sufferings on Earth.
Even your SA "farm murders" are expressions of stoked hatred ratched up by
the vile chiefs who teach their underlings to hate them that are good to
them, who feed and clothe them, and give them employment, who treat them
kindly, and provide the wherewithal for their social enjoyment, as opposed
to their endless centuries of black wretched social misery. As I put it,
"Had the Europeans never ventured into the interior of Africa, its
stone-age denizens therein would still be drinking out of rivers and wiping
their ass with leaves!" How grateful instead should they be, and loving
too, to their white benefactors who have gifted them with every good thing
they see, touch, and use that has enriched their lives, and even beautified
their surroundings! Look at all the charming, lovely cities in Africa the
Europeans built! Splendid cities, created in the most difficult, primitive
environment where anything of beauty or complexity had to come from Europe
or created by Europeans in Africa!

(It amazes me here in the USA, where "they" have such prodigious
preferements and money, they never beautify a single thing! Nothing
whatsoever! Think about that!! Not a thing! I am sure it is the same in
SA.) They cannot even maintain that which they are given gratis! (To be
honest, it has always been horrible living with them, and esp since the
Kikes "came to town.") And the never-hesitant beneficence of the part of
Christians is mind-blowing! Not a week goes by without appeals in my
mailbox for charity for the "poor Africans with flies in their eyes" from
both Cath and Prot organizations!
And if the blacks could, many would, following the lead of their evil
teachers like Zuma et al. —I hate to say it! — probably slay and
plunder all you Europeans now there living, whose ancestors of yours,
finding a barren and mostly entirely empty "Southern cone," struggled
mightily and still struggle to make the grudging earth in your land give
forth its fruit, where you must carefully husband every drop of water that
falls from your cloudless skies.
May "they" realize what they have withYou, and won’t have without You and
Your People! Your People are Our People too, Jan! Hence We care and worry
about You! And we hope and pray that You can find a way to fashion out in
unity and harmony a bastion of safety for all of you dynamic, resourceful,
tough and talented Boers who built SA, and a bastion as well as for your
transplanted European Kindred Folk and their kin too!
May the Good Lord protect all of you from wicked, evil, and violent men!

My reply:
Thanks for your email and support as always.

About BLM. My understanding is that BLM seems to mostly be run by NON-Blacks, including, especially whites and Jews. Is that true? It is incredibly shocking to me to see whites willing to start a revolution and willing to DESTROY, SMASH and even kill people in the USA on the basis that the failure of Liberalism is such a big issue. But this is how Jews have radicalised even the whites. It still astounds me that whites in the USA are willing to destroy, smash and kill for something as pathetic as Liberalism. Though most are probably also outright Marxist scum. But the JEW has entered their heads.

re: South Africa and Africa.
The Chiefs are actually not such important players. The black Tribal Chiefs lost their power a long time ago when whites defeated them and they were thus tame and friendly. The blacks who rule these days are the politicised blacks, who got ideas in their heads from Jews, Communists, Liberals and were supported, mostly, by the Russians and the Chinese. This Marxist Elite of Africa, especially southern Africa, don’t muck around. They’re in this for personal power. The Chiefs mainly ask for money, and when they get it they’ll endorse anyone. The vile anti-white hatred comes from these Marxist, and even from the modern "Liberal" ones. The Chiefs are for the most part pathetic and weak and thus not capable of much. Their new elite are the killers and will murder anyone. I’m just telling you how things are. The reality is that this makes little difference to us because as a whole, blacks have been turned against us and we need to fight our way out of this somehow.

re: Whites coming to Africa
I quite like the way the Nordic Resistance mentioned in my first interview with them that "I am an unrepentant colonialist". This is totally true. I see no reason to believe that whites were a bad influence on the continent. And yes, if the whites did not come here, then yes, the blacks would be doing exactly as you say. IN FACT, in many parts of rural africa that is exactly how they do live TO THIS DAY! Lots of blacks live like that in their old rural ways with all their attendant problems and inefficiencies. (Jewish/Liberal attempts to fix this flopped totally). Furthermore, whites have saved hundreds of millions of their worthless lives using medicine and science. Nobody says a word about that. But to be frank with you, my real dream is a whites-only state in Africa. I believe it can be created, and I dream of it. Of course these are dangerous ventures, but anything significant and real in the world IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS and the white man has, for the most part, always attempted the difficult as well as the outright impossible.

re: Farm Murders
The real purpose all along by the black communists/Marxists has been to drive whites off farms. This has been a central goal for them and they have failed to an amazing degree which is an indication of how much tougher the whites are than they appear to be!

re: The cities and infrastructure we built…
If there is one thing that pains us whites in Africa, it is to look at the infrastructure and roads, and lakes and all the fine things going downwards. It pains us a lot.

re: Blacks should be grateful
The blacks were grateful for a long time, until you had, initially, Christians beginning to teach them, and then of course Jews, Liberals and Commies getting in on the act. It is from here that "equality" and various nonsense like power came from. The blacks initially also resisted this, but when you had foreigners including Governments pumping money and support to them and leading them and teaching them how to hate us and fight us, then that is how this whole thing became crazy. The British also liked to use non-whites in their wars against Germany, etc and that also brought the blacks into getting an understanding of how the world works. Thus blacks and asians, when infested with Marxism then all wanted to steal the pie that the white man had built for himself. But yes, the blacks were grateful and friendly, even when I was a child. But that is long gone now and you have open hatred thanks, mostly, to Jews and their various fronts. I do NOT SEE how this matter can be rectified. All I can see is WARFARE as the only step forward. I fail to see how anything can be achieved in any other way. I think talking has been done to death and will not gain us even one grain of sand.

re: Blacks in America
I have only truly begun to appreciate what you are saying, due to my visit to the USA in 2019. It was especially in Memphis, that I got to see blacks up close and my host took me to their suburbs and we spent many hours driving through their suburbs and it is exactly as you say. I went to a few shops and interacted with your blacks and was not impressed. I had expected them to be cleverer than they are in Africa, but amazingly, not. Your blacks get so much for free it is beyond belief. That there is even one of them willing to attack you and bad mouth you amazes me. They would not last a single day in Africa! They have so much going for them, yet they are filled with hatred. But it does not surprise me. Your incredible Jewish influence and the sickness that Jews impart to whites (Liberals) and blacks is amazing. I do think it should be clear to white Americans that sweet talk, etc is just a waste of time.

re: And the never-hesitant beneficence of the part of Christians is mind-blowing!
Christian kindness to whites is one thing, but Christian insanity to blacks is beyond belief. Even in South Africa, Christians are just too weak. It’s not as bad as in your country, but it’s bad enough. We are feeding those who, when they are stronger, would happily kill us. Really, Christianity has reached a point of pure madness and white Christians must start becoming racial. Rather they should focus their kindness on WHITES. If they can’t do that then they’re truly causing huge problems needlessly. I wish whites outside Africa would stop donating to these bastards. Your kindness is killing us whites! We would be better off if the blacks are short of money and resources. It works out much better. Give them nothing. Let them DIE!

re: Blacks try to kill us
The blacks are so insane that I don’t think any kind of real agreement is possible. We have negotiated with these people for DECADES – not just in South Africa but elsewhere. I think we’re all talked out. My only view is: White Unity, White Secession, White Army… fight for what we want. It is NOT a message anyone likes to hear, but its the only sane message, especially when you study history from a high level over a long period. Its the only thing that makes sense. When you act weak, all that happens is that they despise you MORE. Weakness and kindness is ultimately seen as sign of weakness and they are then KEEN to come in and finish us for once and for all. The truth is that the whites are far from finished.

I really appreciate your kind thoughts towards us. It means a lot to us. You have no idea how isolated and alone the whites here feel – that nobody remembers them, and nobody cares. It’s very depressing. I know better though.

I do believe we also need some hardship and as time goes by we’ll get better and one day, we’re going to land some punches. The day they think we’re dead and its time to finish us off, might be the day they get their biggest surprise!!!

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