S.Africa: FANTASTIC NEWS! Finally we don’t have to wear COVID MASKS!!! YAY!!!!

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

The one thing about COVID that I hated the most was the nonsense about wearing masks in public in South Africa. We have had to do that for over 2 years. Well, can you believe, it is finally over. I’m not sure if Whites played a role in fighting against this. I know Whites were fighting in court against various COVID crap. I strongly suspect Afrikaans Whites played a role in this. I hated the bloody masks. It’s a pointless thing to wear along with it’s interference with oxygen, and various other junk.

I was over the moon when I went grocery shopping 2 days ago and about 70% of the people I saw, of all races, were walking around without masks!! There were a few fools who were still wearing masks of their own accord. But it was amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I was. This is the first time in more than 2 years that we can walk in public without wearing these disgusting face rags. I am so delighted. I was over the moon!

This was the last piece of COVID shit that was around and for me this was the most irritating crap of all.

In the early days of COVID for weeks, the stupid Government had even put CURFEWS on everyone. A curfew is what you use during times of war and violent unrest. The Black Jew Ramaphosa was enjoying his new found power.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that this is over. Lots of Whites were already sick of this COVID crap and not even noticing it. For us this was just garbage.

It’s wonderful to be able to breathe the air again as normal and to have COVID behind us. This was a bunch of Jewish garbage, and I’m happy it’s over.

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