Diversity is hell: Too bad Europeans and Americans never listened to Whites in Africa…

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[This is from a discussion I was having with an American writer about the nightmare of "Diversity" and "Multiculturalism" and all the nasty things that come from it. Jan]

The American wrote back: All of Europe has found this out, from Italy to Sweden.

I replied:

Too bad the West did not listen to us Whites who live here. We weren’t just making this shit up just to protect our own asses. We were simply telling the Truth.
Ditto for the Boers. Everything they have said about Blacks and non-Whites is 100% true. These are just factual statements. Nothing more, nothing less.

I suppose it’s like the Germans when they tried to warn about Jews.

But, at least we’re all getting on to the same page and that may be the most awesome thing of all.

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