A Boer writes to me: Putin is NOT anti-Boer! Thank Goodness you are WRONG Jan!


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This is a discussion I had with someone I know and met personally face to face. He is a Boer who is also a NAZI. He was in the military in the time of Apartheid. I had to cut parts out of our discussion for the sake of privacy.

This is what he wrote to me:-
Jan I disagree with you about Putin about being anti Boer
With respect
I want to …snip… (discussion censored)

This was my reply to him:
Give me any evidence whatsoever to prove your point regarding putin.

Show me anything. Show me something.

Prove to me that Putin is not anti-Boer.

Where’s your evidence?

Do you have anything to back up your statements?

Is your information too secret to be able to send it to me? Is it personal things you know which are not public?

I’m using public and open information as published even by our generals.

So what do you have? Someone you are talking to in secret?

If you have anything in public then send it.

Who the heck did you and …snip… fight when you were in the …snip…?

Show me anything … anything that shows that Putin or the Russians or anyone there is on our side?

I spoke directly to …snip… about whether Putin would give …snip…. I asked him that to his face in his house.

I know another guy who also apparently spoke to the Russians with something similar in mind decades ago.

Rhodesians, specifically the author Chris Cocks raised this issue decades ago.

Show me anything. A letter, a visit, a public statement … ANYTHING.

Putin was in South Africa in 2006.

Was there anything at all that Putin did or said or met that indicated anything?

What of Russians reminding the ANC just shortly that they supported the struggle against Apartheid?

If your knowledge is so secret that it can’t be published, well, I wish you well. Because I have yet to see anyone with that kind of stuff do anything.

If Putin is on our side, will Putin support a fight for our freedom? Will he support a White state?

You’re NS. How can you then listen to Putin talk about Denazification? What the hell is that?

Putin brought in holocaust laws. Putin phoned the PM of Israel, Bennett recently and APOLOGISED re the Hitler remark.

Are you freaking DREAMING? Can’t you see ALL their ACTIONS AND WORDS ARE NOT FOR US? Are you asleep?

I keep asking all you pro-Putin people to come forward with something, anything.

If Putin is on our side then WHAT IS HE DOING OR WILLING TO DO TO HELP US? Show me ANYTHING anywhere. It can’t all be a SUPER SECRET THAT ONLY YOU KNOW. How do you know your buddy or pal isn’t talking a bunch of shit to you? I’ll bet you’re not even a Christian. Well, all the old White Christians are all firm believers that Putin the Christian is going to save Whites. How do you know you’re not being PLAYED FOR A FOOL?

I work on evidence and what I can assess in public and it’s stood the test of time in over 22 years on the Internet. I know all about meeting people in private and secret and all that shit. Mugabe’s spies and I sat in a room and we spoke together. I did the same with Whites. I’ve seen it all. I have yet to see someone with a BIG SECRET who is proven right on anything. In the end, what is said in PUBLIC and the actions and statements by Governments, by Leaders, etc in PUBLIC is the way things really play out.

And remember what you said here. I will hold you to it. I will REMIND YOU LATER.

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