Chart: Claims that China will become stronger than the USA economically – Really?


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I’ve heard and read a lot of stuff over the years about how powerful China is going to be. But this was like the time when the Jews controlled and funded the Soviet Union, except, this time its China. So they predict the end of the West, etc.

I am a skeptic these days.

Take a look at this chart from the source link below where it discusses and shows how China will rebound and go on to enormous things:

Now the real kicker here is the blue line at the end, the forecast for the future. However, if you remove that blue line, which is the future and nobody knows the future, then look carefully at all the years prior to it. Then you will see that the data, all along is getting worse and worse for China.

The only great stuff is the UNPROVEN prediction of the wonderful future. But look at the period 1993 to the present and you’ll see that especially in the last 10+ years, since the 2008 banking meltdown, that China is slowing down.

I am not a big believer that China will rule the world.

So ignore the prediction junk and stick to the facts and then it does not look so good.

Here’s the source article where they blab endlessly about how good China will be as if they know the future precisely.


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