IMPORTANT: Are any of you experiencing problems with the AllowAndGo Virus on my site?

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Just a note: A few days ago, people told me about a virus that was on historyreviewed. I actually experienced it myself. The virus results in a redirect to a website called allowandgo. (Never click YES for anything because then the virus will infect your internet browser).

I have now been doing some searches and scans to find the actual infections and so far am finding nothing.

Have any of you experienced this problem on either historyreviewed or africancrisis in the last 24 hours?

If so please either leave a comment below this article, or leave a message for me on the contact us page above.

I had done some other software upgrades, etc – and I am wondering if that has perhaps fixed matters. But I would be very surprised if that had indeed happened.

So I am suspicious that this damned thing is still around.

If you experience it, please let me know.


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