#BS#My fun chat with a Businessman here in Johannesburg, South Africa

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S.Africa: Blacks: To Avoid AIDS: Have Sex with Animals...
At one point AIDS was killing Blacks like crazy. Then the West came and saved their worthless lives.

#BS#I was at a big shop today, run by, let’s say, a "European" businessman. While I was there he was talking to his employees. I suddenly heard him calling someone and saying: "Hey Slow Motion! Slow Motion come here".

I smiled to myself, and when he was alone, I went to him and asked him, "Do you have an employee called Slow Motion?" He smiled and said, "He is so slow when he works that I call him Slow Motion!"

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Die Boere Staat Party - Kontak Ons
Hierdie is die Kontak ons-bladsy vir die Boere Staatsparty.

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