Blacks have been murdering White Farmers in SA for 25+ years…

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This is from an exchange between myself and another reader in the USA. I had to correct him:

You wrote:
Wishing you peace, strength of heart and steadfastness of purpose, and may your personal efforts lead to help for your own beautiful, talented, and now persecuted, suffering Afrikaner and English-speaking, fellow Christians of South Africa. The SA "farm murders" infuriate/disgust us white Americans, still occurring after ten years now, I believe. Give us all an update on the number of victims, please, and when they first began, other info particularly outrageous. We all need to keep your farmers in our prayers!

My Reply:

Thank you for your kind thoughts for the whites here in SA. To my knowledge, the last true count was 1,600 dead. But there was a time before that when it was claimed 3,000 died. I think 1,600 or so is what the white farming organisations agree is the right number.

I want to correct an error in what you write. This has not been going on for just ten years. I reported on this about 19 years ago the first time. This has been going on for AT LEAST 25 years, and they were killing a lot more farmers in the 1990s than now. The death rate is about one per week now I think, but there was a time when it was worse. The white farmers and organisations have implemented methods of helping to defend the whites better and it is harder for them to kill the whites. However, yes, there are continual attacks and continual deaths. This is like the BLM in your country. This is terrorism.

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