Attention: VETERANS: White Soldiers from Apartheid gathering on 30th March – Bring Skillie Home – Kwaai Braai naweek

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Here are some images I’ve received. These are to do with a gathering of old white soldiers from the days of Apartheid and the SADF (when we had a real army, and not this rubbish we have now, which is run by our enemies!). They’re talking about a 2 or 3 day get together called Kwaai Braai naweek. Kwaai Braai naweeks could be translated as “intense barbeque weekend”. So it sounds like a lot of cooking, drinking and merry making.

It is specifically aimed at the old soldiers of the SADF and about renewing old bonds. This is true. The deep trust and comradeship of warfare is something unlike what men can experience in any other way. This is the magnificent part of warfare and the incredible bonding that takes place among men who are prepared to die for each other.

There is also talk of a plan to “bring Skillie home”. Skillie Human is an afrikaans guy who died in Angola in 1978 and someone made a little grave for him there and they’re collecting money to bring his body back to South Africa.

So that’s a simple summary of what is on these images that I received recently.

I should say that South Africa did NOT fall because the common whites lacked the will and determination. It fell because it rotted at the top. It is ironic that the weaklings were the ones in the cosiest positions. I am convinced though that our enemies worked hard to create the rot at the top which led to the final collapse. We lost, in the final analysis due to psychological warfare really.

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