Are White Farmers in Zimbabwe getting land back? – Its complex & Black War Veterans don’t like the idea – My Comments


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[This is a complex topic, and the truth is, it does not mean much for the whites either. The whites who get their farms back, get back RUINED FARMS … and they do not OWN THEM properly. They get them back on a 99 year lease, and there are various conditions. I think some farmers are going back because they have nothing else. But those who can do without their farms, they don't go back. So the whites are not functioning in the way they used to, and the Government has many controls over them. It does speak to the desperation of the blacks and the collapse of their economy that this Govt, of communists, who hate the whites and set out to destroy the whites are allowing some whites back. There is also a distinction between whites who were "native" to Zimbabwe, like myself, and those who were citizens of European countries who owned land there. I think those governments put pressure on the Zim Govt to give the land back to their citizens. e.g. French, Germans, etc who owned land there. The whole thing is a mess I tell you. But personally, I think the whites should NOT RETURN and should rather leave the blacks to collapse. These are the white-hating commies that we fought against and Britain helped hand us over to them. I truly don't think whites should return to Zimbabwe. Leave the place to collapse. Make no mistake, the blacks are in a very advanced state of collapse, and they themselves are heading ever closer to civil war in the future. The Govt only manages to remain in control by using the army to hold on to the mines to ensure they function and that they can get forex by way of the export of raw materials. This is probably what the entire future of Africa holds for the blacks, that in the end, all they will be able to do is export raw materials from mines and nothing more. This will also be the fate of South Africa under black control – given enough time. NB: Finally, just because the Zim govt has signed deals with farmers, does not mean that money lands slam dunk into their hands. The Govt itself is paying this off in bits because it is bankrupt and the govt itself might renege on it. It can pay in dribs and drabs. This amount in US dollars is: US$214 million. So it is quite a bit of money, but how much the farmers will get, remains to be seen. Now the "WAR VETERANS", these are basically the communist terrorists we Rhodesians fought, are the ones opposing this. This again, is proof that they fought against whites. But now their own communist political party it iself doing deals with the farmers. Thus, the black structures are breaking down even more. This is good.  Jan]

President Emmerson Mnangagwa signed a $3.5 billion agreement with white farmers in July this as compensation for their losses. Under the deal, they won’t be compensated for the lost land, but for the infrastructure and developments they made on their former farms.

HARARE – A group of Zimbabwean liberation war veterans has filed a legal challenge against the government’s plans to compensate former white farmers whose properties were seized during controversial land reforms two decades ago.

Zimbabwe’s late ex-president Robert Mugabe launched land reforms in 2000, grabbing white-owned farms to reverse a historical land ownership imbalance that favoured the white minority population.

More than 4,000 of Zimbabwe’s 4,500 white commercial farmers were evicted from their properties, which were given to black tenants.

Zimbabwe’s current President Emmerson Mnangagwa signed a $3.5 billion (three billion euros) agreement with white farmers in July this year as compensation for their losses.

Under the deal, they won’t be compensated for the lost land, but for the infrastructure and developments they made on their former farms.

No payouts have been given yet, but the reconciliation attempts have sparked uproar among liberation war veterans who led the sometimes violent farm seizures.

Last week, a dozen former fighters filed an application with the High Court against Mnangagwa’s administration.

In an affidavit dated 10 September but seen by AFP on Thursday, the veterans accused the government of prioritising "white settler" grievances over compensation for losses they incurred during the 1972-1979 liberation struggle.

The group said white farmers’ "recent concerns" were considered "more deserving of attention" than problems faced by the black population from the "pre-colonial… to post-independence period".

The matter is yet to be heard by the court.

Around 27,000 people died in a 1972-1979 war against British colonial rule, which ended in 1980.

Most of those killed were black Zimbabweans fighting a minority white regime led by Ian Smith.

Mugabe came to power in 1980 and ruled the southern African country for almost four decades, until he was ousted by a military coup in 2017.

Both Mugabe and his successor Mnangagwa had vowed never to reverse the land reforms.

The farm grabs brought Zimbabwe’s agricultural production to its knees, and contributed to its long-running economic woes.


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