Hitler wanted a White South African Pro-German Rebellion: The Biggest Jew/Zionist/British Shill of all: General Jan Smuts Vs Dr Verwoerd

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Whites have never been babies. We do many dangerous things without even thinking about it. In 1934, even a child could order a machinegun by mail order. There were zero school shootings back then.

My first video which I’ve released about Dr Verwoerd is causing some serious and intense debate because in some circles, (which amaze me), he has been given a bad name, which I think is very wrong. There are many South African topics, which become complex, which I won’t go into now.

There are events that happened after the terrible Jewish Rothschild inspired 2nd Anglo Boer war, which was basically the grand theft of the Boer Republics under various British guises. The British, in a nutshell, invented a number of bogus reasons to invade the Boer Republics and to seize them so that they could lay their dirty hands on the greatest Gold reserves on the planet, plus the Diamonds.

There were Boers who in WW1 wanted to side with Germany. In WW1 there was a stronger rebellion by some Boers to side with the Germans. But in WW2, the British and Liberals were much more entrenched and in WW2, all the pro-Germans basically sat out the war despite being quite large in number. There were 600,000 Whites who were members of the OB (Ossewa Brandwag). And they did nothing during the entire war. Meanwhile Hitler was hoping and wanting a pro-German rebellion in South Africa. He tasked a Boer by the name of Robbie Leibrandt with this task. Leibrandt was a famous Boer boxer. There were also other NAZI organisation in South Africa like the Gray Shirts. But throughout all of WW2, the pro-German South Africans never got anything substantial off the ground.

The biggest pro-German rebellion in South Africa occured during WW1, but those Whites were destroyed by the Whites who had sided with the British who now controlled them. Thus in both WW1 and WW2, the majority of Whites fell under British control and openly fought on the wrong side. One Uncle of mine, volunteered in WW2. He was the only combatant in WW2 out of my mother and father’s large families. My uncle was one of many who fell for the recruiting lies that they would be given farms at the end of WW2. He went and fought in North Africa and Italy. In WW1, the South Africans fought a big, long war in German East Africa and German South West Africa driving out the Germans.

The Whites of South Africa were, for the most part, controlled by their British conquerors and they went along with the junk British schemes for the most part.

Of course, the Rhodesians were even bigger fools, being 100% on the side of Britain right until the 1960s when they finally realised that Britain will shaft you whenever it suits Britain. By the 1950s, the Rhodesians were already beginning to get weird "mixed signals" from the British who were preparing to knife them in the back.

At the end of the day the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa were fooled by the British and Britain later turned on them.

These topics are complex, but there were a lot of failures on the parts of the Whites who wanted to support the Germans and they never pulled it off. However, it may be similar to what is happening to all Whites these days where "the powers that be" control your political views.

The Boer Rebellion of WW1 would have been much more substantial, but a very bizarre event took place: The most prominent Boer General, De La Rey, had given the go-ahead for the rebellion and he was in a car on his way to join the rebellion when he was shot dead at a roadblock by a British Policeman. Afterwards, they all said it was an accident. But I have wondered, and I’m not alone, as to whether it was a planned assassination. The killing of De La Rey was the most important event in deflating the Boer will to fight. I would say that the killing of De La Rey and the killing of Verwoerd were definite moves to kill off the leaders who were taking the Whites of South Africa in the natural direction they would have willingly gone. It is a case of you kill the leader then the people lose their direction. I have discussed this notion of "Decapitation". The Whites of South Africa also practised this against the Blacks during Apartheid. I did a video about this. One way to control a mass of people is to kill their strongest leaders. This is done a lot in history, especially in modern times.

Returning to WW2, I don’t know all the detail, but Hitler definitely was hoping that the Whites of South Africa, especially the Boers would openly stand up and support Germany, but this never happened.

The biggest pro-Jew/pro-British/Zionist shill of the lot was General Jan Smuts the right hand man of Churchill. Churchill wrote glowingly about this man who was the Globalist leader of South Africa. Smuts is the ONLY White South African leader in all its history, apart from the later sellout F W De Klerk, who was loved by the Globalist Mass Media.

Smuts was an attorney and his customers were a Zionist organisation. Smuts, who was an Afrikaner, became the top Liberal in South Africa. He was ousted in 1948 when the National Party (NP), of which Verwoerd was a part, came to power. The original NP was against the Jews. It was the NP who introduced Apartheid. You could say the rise of the NP was the rise of a local political element to counter the British/Jewish Liberal/Globalist agenda. Smuts went to tremendous lengths to work with the two-faced backstabbing British.

One man wrote this to me:
This is a lie. Verword was aweak-willed compromiser and jew shill. Robie Lebreandt who was assassinated was the solution…and is

I responded as follows:

Provide your evidence. I repeat you talk complete nonsense about Verwoerd being a Jew shill. Total nonsense and you yourself have no evidence for it. For the non-South Africans, the debate is similar to that about the difference between George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr William Pierce. They had the same aims but went about it in a different way. However, Verwoerd achieved many great things. He had to function in a South Africa that was already under British/Jewish/Liberal influence. If you truly want to criticize a White man THEN WHY DON’T YOU ATTACK THE BIGGEST JEW SHILL OF ALL: GENERAL JAN SMUTS? Smuts helped create Israel. Smuts worked for Zionist Jews. Smuts was Churchill’s greatest confidant. Robbie Leibrandt had his heart in the right place it is true. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BLAME PEOPLE ALSO BLAME THE MANY OTHERS OTHER THAN VERWOERD. How about the Ossewa Brandwag who were NAZIS with a following of 600,000, who NEVER WENT AND FOUGHT FOR HITLER IN SOUTH AFRICA! HITLER WANTED A WHITE UPRISING AND HITLER WANTED NAZI ACTION IN SOUTH AFRICA AND IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! Where are all the OB, Grey Shirts, etc? Now you want to attack the one man who made the greatest difference? JAN SMUTS, there was someone who licked British and Jewish boots every day of his life … the LIBERAL WHO MISLED ALL THE WHITES OF SA! You forget that the National Party (NP), was an attempt to seize control of South Africa by Whites who WERE NOT UNDER GLOBALIST OR BRITISH CONTROL. The Broeder Bond, were at least successful in removing South Africa from British control.

I must add, the whole topic of a Boer and general pro-German rebellion in South Africa is a topic that has its own complexities and problems. What I will mention is that the British did all they could to prevent White South Africa being pro-German. The British probably killed General De La Rey. The British did not muck around.

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