3 Photos: S.Africa: Firearms cache found in Oudtshoorn Dam – My Comments

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[The weapons are really old and otherwise nothing special. I am however astounded by the RPG7 – the Rocket Propelled Grenade! Wow! I would say, judging from this cache that this is a cache from Blacks. These are not the types of weapons Whites would have, or in the case of the RPG, be able to get hold of! Jan]

January 12, 2021

Firearm cache found in Oudtshoorn Dam. Photo: Arrive AliveFirearm cache found in Oudtshoorn Dam. Photo: Arrive Alive

A team of experienced investigators were assembled to probe the discovery of a cache of firearms and ammunition that were recovered by the police at the Raubenheimer Dam outside Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo over the past two days.

Members attached to the Attaqua K9, police divers and Crime Intelligence were dispatched to the scene where the cache firearms, firearm parts as well as ammunition were recovered from the water.

Investigation into this discovery continues and is expected that more ammunition could be retrieved.

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Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/western-cape/firearm-cache-found-in-oudtshoorn-dam/

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