WARNING AMERICANS: Beware of EGBOK – A Lesson from the final days of White S.Africa

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Now you’re talking.

BEWARE of EGBOK. Here in SA in the early 1990s we had a LOT of propaganda from the Govt and the key term was "EGBOK" = Everything is going to be OK".

I see a lot of EGBOK propaganda doing the rounds in the USA wherein they say Trump is making his last moves to win … DO NOTHING … WE ARE WINNING.

The real goal of this is to prevent violence. They will round up people and ensure a smooth transition to power for Biden. They do not want violence.

So Christians and Trump supporters are being told that there is a 4D chess game going on and that Trump is somehow going to win at the last minute.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Biden will be inaugurated and the Military/Police/Intelligence will simply do their job which is to PREVENT VIOLENCE AND KILLING.

They don’t want a Capitol Hill type of event. Chances are they are on high alert.

I suspect from what I’m reading of Trump that Trump is a virtual prisoner in the White House. His bridges are burned. His real war, the real Trump War begins after he walks out of office.
That war itself will heighten tensions in the USA, and maybe Trump himself might even be criminally investigated.

I have pondered about the killing of Trump. That’s too far away. Maybe criminal investigations and even JAIL might await Trump in the future.

Killing will be a last resort, if Trump is very successful, later, then they may have to actually kill him – The WASP Elite and Jews that is – not the state.

But, BEWARE OF EGBOK – Feel good stuff. I’m seeing it from many military sources.
I also hear a story that the election was rigged in Italy and there are blackouts because a massive op is underway.



That’s the goal here. And these lies are useful because if people are calmed down, then with time, they become calmer and they accept the reality and then the chance for violence becomes ever less.

I think even US Generals are lying to people. It’s sad, because the military normally has high trust. But when ordered to, all the military will lie. They will lie in order to stop KILLING.
I suppose, from their viewpoint if they don’t lie, then they, themselves, may have to go and actually KILL some Americans, and they don’t want to do that. So they will lie.

Of course, the process has worked and the thief Biden is in. That is a bigger issue that must be dealt with.

I think the DONALD TRUMP STORY HAS JUST BEGUN … THE REAL DONALD TRUMP STORY started on 6th January 2021 … and it will get wild. It will be a unique chapter in US history.
The cheated President … A unique chapter and we are going to live it and see it.

The 2020s are going to be wild. Maybe WW3 is also coming! Yay! Finally!

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