YULE: THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS: Our History, Our Culture, Our Heroes – from Paul Fromm in Canada

[This is an excellent article on the real origins of the Christian holiday called Christmas. It's really from our Pre-Christian times, and it's really ancient. Jan]




The old adage says ’tis better to give than to receive. Christian Europeans must think so, we currently dominate the "giving" market to near monopoly. Some of us, though, are just a little reluctant to admit that our premier our_heritage-christmas-scrooge.jpgholiday, with its message of peace on earth, good will toward men, could really induce paroxysms of agonised torment and loathing unseen since Hammer Films introduced Dracula to the crucifix. This year, Scrooge Inc. is urging people to "do the right thing" and refrain from sending Christmas cards

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