American asks: Was Apartheid a mistake? – My Answer


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2008 Report: Russian Generals Analysis of a Future (Terrible) South African Civil War
This is an article an awesome American supporter, JoAn Wilcox found on a Russian website in 2008 and she translated it into English. This was a Russian General‘s assessment of SA. He was not impressed with the Blacks.

One of Jim Rizoli’s viewers posed this question: Some say that Apartheid was a big mistake because it was asking for trouble. Many segregative measures being perceived by blacks as an insult. I would like to know Jan’s take on this.

I responded:
That’s nonsense. You need to look at what actually happened under Apartheid. Also you say "… perceived by blacks as an insult…" – The blacks back then did not think in American terms. That may be how you Americans see it, but that was not the reality of Africa. Apartheid, strictly speaking, is a concept that cannot be faulted as being "oppressive" at all. Not at all. But, you need to see who were playing the political roles in IMMEDIATELY starting up and fighting Apartheid. And there you will see Communists and Jews at work… in an instant. All of Africa, in one way or another was under some form of Apartheid. Watch my videos about Portuguese Angola where the Portuguese were, in theory, under the opposite of Apartheid. You are thinking completely like a Liberal. You are totally unaware of how things worked in Africa. The blacks used to look up to whites here. Many blacks understood the benefits of the white man. Not everyone loved us. There is a lot that can be said on these topics. Years ago, I found a book, but I forget its name, sadly, where a black in Africa wrote and explained that there was a sort of unwritten understanding between blacks and whites that white rule would bring benefits to blacks. It would bring progress. And it did. Yes, there were always blacks who wanted their freedom, but the vast majority were quite content with what they had, because THEY DID HAVE OPTIONS! At any point in time, blacks could go and live in "TTLS" (Tribal Trust Lands – The Rhodesian Term) or in Homelands (the South African Apartheid Term). In those areas they could continue to live and do as they did before. They all had access to the TTLs/Homelands. They chose instead to work on farms and in cities. They would return to the TTLs/Homelands when it suited them and they could leave. So they knew full well their own limitations of what they could and could not achieve on their own, and they chose, with time, to work and live more and more as a part of the White man’s system. Feel free to send questions to Jim and I’ll answer them. Feel free to think up questions. I’ll happily answer them on Jim’s shows. There is a vast chasm of difference between blacks in the USA and blacks in Africa. And if the USA was so bad, then why don’t all 40 million pack their bags and return to Africa? Africa is a much harder place to live. And black Americans, actually, often, don’t even get along with blacks here. So they "love Africa from afar". Also look at Liberia and what a total mess that was. A simple final point I would make is this: That the United States, has a horrifically BAD HISTORY of dealing with blacks. I’m NOT referring to the southerners. I’m talking of Haiti and Liberia in particular. In this regard, European nations – virtually all of them – ran their non-white colonies much better than America ever has, and they had much more success. ALL OF THEM had a form of Apartheid. And Apartheid, strictly speaking is Segregation and it even allows for SELF RULE – which you Americans did not allow your blacks. Apartheid is a fantastic system. The only reason it failed was because blacks are idiots and Jews and communists stoked up huge amounts of trouble. From the moment it came into being communists, Jews and Liberals immediately got blacks to riot, etc. Apartheid was NEVER GIVEN A PROPER CHANCE. If it had been, it would have given blacks whatever they wanted. However, blacks had no real inclination nor desire to work and build anything. Like the Jews, the blacks are parasites and losers and they have big greedy eyes focused on the works of the white man. They are greedy children who want to steal from others. Like the Jews they have no interest in hard work, long term planning or working towards goals that are achievable. They are parasites and losers. They CANNOT create the equal of what white people of European descent can. Apartheid and Colonialism, like NAZISM is taken totally out of context. And if you try any other "Liberal/Jewish" idea, you’ll see all the negatives. Then there are other factors like the INCREDIBLE COST of doing things the Liberal/Jewish way. We in Africa, even if we had wanted, never could afford even 1% of the unbelievable cost that you Americans have paid. You have spent TRILLIONS on blacks, and look at how miserably that worked out. We had shoe string budgets. We had to do things with very little money. And we did a fantastic job without ANY money from the IMF, World Bank, etc, etc. ALL Europeans in one way or another had to dominate the blacks and control them. And it worked for ALL European countries in Africa. If American Liberal methods were tried, either then, or even now, they would be unworkable, and you need to pump money into a bottomless pit. You will NEVER be able to give these people enough money. These people are losers. That’s all there is to it, and black Americans in your country are hardly any better from what I can see, and I had a good look at them when I was there last year and I spent a bit of time in the south.

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Video: Blacks massive wastage, massive inefficiency: Why Africa Wasted $1.4 Trillion in Foreign Aid
Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In fact, it is richer in minerals than the whole world combined. Yet these useless Blacks have received more food, medicines and AID than any other place on Earth. Their levels of wastage and failure are unbelievable.

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